: not a cadillac 1990 chevy caprice with305 problems

01-12-08, 11:01 AM
hello i have a 1990 chevy caprice it started running rougher upon aceleration and icanged th spark plug wires and plugs and it still missed then i changed the cap which was in aweful shape (the terminals inside of the cap were nealy rusted through) i also changed the rotor the problem is now the car runs even worse it used to move but now it just stalls out since i replaced the rotor and cap and the timing seams to be way off. any ideas whats going on ? i want to adjust my timing but how exactly would the timing have got out of adjustment? i m also a little unclear about adjusting the timing on an hei system. my manual tells me to ground the diagnostic port on the car and in anouther place it tells me to go by the emisions label on the shroud which says you should disonect the est wire to put it in bypass. should i disconect it while engine is running to what? thanks for any help

01-13-08, 01:58 AM
The guys over a ImpalaSSforums might be more help, lots more L03's and L05's there.

But make sure #5 and #7 didn't get reveresed.

Did you crack a plug on install?

Bad wire? Ohm them out to see.