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01-12-08, 02:48 AM
Well i recently Bought a 1997 cat i read all the problems with them and i bought it anyways got it for $600 and put a new crankshaft position sensor in it ( Thanks to everyone on the forms here it was a breese ) so anyways i had to replace the outer tierod aswell no biggie. after going home and emailing cadillac about the recalls (HEH) it went to the dealer for Number 01037- Secondary air injection (SAI) hose failures- inspect/replace hose.
Number 02041- Cam drive idler and tensioner pulleys, and water pump- inspect/replace. also they were nice enough to replace timing belt for cost wile it was apart. well after i got it back i went to the gas station and filled it with premium. BAD IDEA i got it home and the next day i came out started it up and it was a knocking bad was more of an upper end very loud tick. instantly i thought the valves or something in the head i took it to the dealer and they said it was lower end hah so i said i will drive it as is after i burned up the premium i figured fo a car im not gonna have for too much longer it was a waste to fill it again with preamium so regular went in at the same time i put octane booster in that cleaner crap "Stops ticks" figured it couldent hurt got home next day wam knock was gone!! i was dumbfounded but it seems that these cars have bad ass tempers so if this helps anyone good.. if not and you read all this well Thanks to everyone on this forum who makes it great and informative. and please forgive my spelling errors.

01-12-08, 07:53 AM
Sounds like you had a batch of bad gas.. Dont use anything less than 91... I usually put Shell 89 and that seems to work fine and every other week I use 93.. Try to use 91 and up octane.. These cars have high compression which doesn't like regular fuel.. :)