: 1997 Cadillac Sedan deville d'elegance

05-11-04, 01:43 PM
What's up my cadillac lovers. I have a 1997 cadillac sedan deville d'eleagance in gorgeous conditon. I purchased it with only 58,000 miles on it. I have had a few problems but I bought a extended warranty and it has pretty much paid for itself. I love the car and will not drive anything else:bouncy:

05-11-04, 06:44 PM

Welcome aboard, thanks for signing up :wave:

Glad you got one, that looks like low miles. Search around, youll find this is the best place for cadillac owners worldwide! Enjoy your stay here! :)

05-11-04, 09:06 PM
Welcome shadowkaster35!
Its great to have you as a new member! d'Elegance very nice! We encourage new members to post a picture or two of their caddy's, when you get a chance post one or two. I know what you mean about the warranty paying for itself. Good luck!

05-11-04, 10:07 PM
A little tip Ive heard, is when you are nearing the end of your term, tip the tech a 10 spot or so and have him find stuff to fix..... He'll find SOMETHING

Its really good to do it under MFG warranty.....