: intake manifold exploded/hole after backfire??

01-11-08, 10:48 AM
is this is possible??

01-11-08, 11:23 AM
on a 93-94 with the sealed intake you bet
on a 95+ i believe there is a flap which was added which makes it harder but if the backfire was strong enough it could still be possible

01-11-08, 12:11 PM
Can you upload a few Pix ?? Does pre-'00 have a blowout plug ??

01-11-08, 12:13 PM
95 with the newer intake has it
all the way from 95 has them
i dont have a pic tho

01-11-08, 05:17 PM
It is called an over pressurization relief valve (I think). Look behind the P/S pump and you should see the spring loaded "trap door" so to speak.

I believe that the '93 & '94 deal with a manifold over pressurization by lifting the manifold cover a bit. That is why it is important not to over tighten the cover and crush the rubber grommets.

01-12-08, 05:08 PM
Backfire valve should prevent this, but it is still possible depending on how powerful the backfire is.