: whats the story w aftermarket cd players?

01-10-08, 09:40 PM
***I have a 2000 Catera with a non-Bose sysytem.***

After searching here I have left more confused than I came. I want to install an aftermarket cd player. I cant find an install kit or wirring harness specifically for a 2000-2001 catera. I found them for pre-2000 cateras. http://akamaipix.crutchfield.com/products/2005/003/h003GMK260-f.jpeg (http://www.crutchfield.com/App/Product/Item/Main.aspx?g=112200&i=003GMK260&tp=3121&tab=review )
Then someone posted that when you install an aftermarket radio, you loose your interior lights so you have to buy a module that wires in to make it work again.
I also found a product that enables you to keep your steering wheel controls but that too was for a pre 2000 catera.
( http://www.crutchfield.com/App/Product/Item/Main.aspx?search=steering+wheel+control&i=127SWIPS )
I know lots of people have done this so maybe you can tell me where to go on this. I have installed lots of stereos before so I am familiar with the process, just not on this car. Since mine is not a Bose system I know there arent any amps that need to be delt with. I just dont want to loose any functions other than onStar. It wouldnt be worth it to me.

So for those that have installed an aftermarket cd player in a 2000-2001 Cat.:
1. where did you get your install kit and wirring kit?
2. was it for a 2000-2001 catera or will the pre 2000 kit/harness work?
3. did anything else weird happen after the install that needed to be addressed such as the interior lights not working any more?


01-12-08, 01:37 PM
Anyone? I found some stuff on ebay that says it will work in 2000-2001 Cat's. Will I loose my interior lights?

01-14-08, 12:12 PM
I did mine in a 01 but it's a BLOWSE and a very very BIG pain in the ass. I just picked up a kit a Best Buy and fabbed it a little. I'll answer any questions if you need help.