: Moore Cadillac, Richmond VA

01-10-08, 07:25 PM
This place needs a TON of work! My only experience with this dealership was the worst experience I have ever had.

8am - arrive at the service bay... open the door... walk to the service desk where the service writer is sitting in his chair. Describe the vibrations I am feeling in the car (over the writer's interuptions with his "diagnosis" of "tire issues"). Further explain that I have a broken motor mount - NO DOUBT! The writer (who's name I will only share with the owner of the dealership) tells me it may be a couple of hours till he can look at the car. I tell him that 2 hours is OK... it will only take the tech a couple of minutes to determine the cause of the vibration and a couple of hours to replace the broken motor mount. I tell the writer that I have to leave town the following day by noon and I will need to make sure the repairs are completed by that time so the sooner the better. I ask if I can get a rental, the writer calls the rental company and hands me the phone. The guy at the rental place says he can get me a pickup truck in about an hour! I am not above the pickup truck but I don't have time to wait an hour for it so I call an associate to pick me up.

11:30am - Still have not heard about my car. I call the writer and leave a message inquiring the progress on diagnosis.

12:00pm - Still no word from the writer... leave another message.

1:00pm - I call the service manager and NICELY let him know my concerns. He informs me that they have not even looked at the car yet! I ask if they can get on it because I have to leave tomorrow and I need the car to be finished by noon. He agrees and says they will get back to me when they know something.

2:00pm - The writer calls me to tell me that the cause of the vibration is a broken motor mount. :annoyed: The bad news is that the parts dept. is fresh out. They will have to order the part and overnight it to get it here by noon tomorrow so they can finish the repairs. I explain that this will not be acceptable since I have to leave by noon.

I call Lindsay Cadillac and speak to Brian (very helpfull) and he informs me that they have them in stock.

THE BITCH OF IT IS THIS: If they had gotten to the car in the 2 hours that the writer quoted I could have driven to Alexandria and picked up the parts myself (in the rented pickup truck of course) and brought them back and had my car by the end of the work day! :banghead: Instead, it took 6 hours to even look at the car to determine that I was right!

I go to pick up the car with a broken motor mount and they send a driver out in the rain to bring it around. I have not screamed my bloody head off as I had every right to do. Instead I wait patiently for my car in the EMPTY service bay. The driver parks my car 40 yards from the bay, in the pouring rain and comes in to tell me "the keys are in it"! I go out in my suit with my computer bag in tow, throw my bag in the back and sit my now soaked rear end in the seat.

I then drive to the front of the building and go into the show room to ask to see the owner to "do him the favor of relating my experience to him", again in a very calm manner. I am told that he won't be able to see my this evening because he is busy with another customer. I guess that customer had a 3 hour story to tell too.

My home dealership (Airport Cadillac, Alcoa TN) greets me when I pull into service by opening the door and offering me coffee and snacks! They give me a Cadillac to drive as a loaner and they call me every 2 hours no matter if they have no new info about the car, just to tell me they are on top of it. Moore had coffee too... in a vending machine next to the display case of Caddy, Saab, Hummer products.

I don't live in Richmond and I will never be a continuing customer of Moore's dealership but if I did, I would buy a Chrysler! I plan on sharing this experience with everyone I can find to listen.