: torker

01-09-08, 10:13 PM
I have fuel seeping out of the nipple on FPR. Having hard time removing the upper gasket with injectors still hooked up, worried about breaking fuel lines. Is there any special way of removing the plastic clips without breaking them? Thanks...

01-10-08, 01:49 AM
Not sure I am understanding you. No need to remove injectors. Just remove the FPR retaining clip (after relieving fuel pressure) and pull the FPR from the rail. No need to pull the rail or injectors.

01-10-08, 07:57 AM
Thank You Ranger, I wasn't sure on this one. I'll pull the e-clip off first and then lift it out. I have noticed that your replies are pretty dead on. Again Thanks...

01-10-08, 01:14 PM
ranger hit the nail on head on that one

01-12-08, 02:58 AM
The stated post subject leaves much to be desired. Be descriptive.