: Heritage of ownership badge

01-09-08, 04:04 PM
Hey all!

I'm the proud owner now of a 2002 STS, bought it Saturday!

It came with a Heritage of Ownership Badge on the grill that has a "2" on it, and I'm going to sell it. I thought if anyone was interested to check the main online action site (which I won't name for S*P*A*M reasoning) -

I'd love it if someone would enjoy it, I'd rather not just throw it away. I like my grill clean, others may not!!



01-09-08, 04:18 PM
then give it away for free to a member...

01-09-08, 04:19 PM
thanks for posting, but please post FS items in classifieds

make sure to say hi up in Seville!

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