: radio buttons on steering wheel

01-09-08, 10:18 AM
Hi, I need the price and part # for L+R radio controls on the steering wheel in a 02 Escalade.

Lindsay Cadillac Parts
01-10-08, 07:48 AM
PART # 16867406. our price is $32.06. the L&R is sold as one part. give me a call to order it.

01-13-08, 10:44 PM
Hey Luke, what is the part number for the other two(or four) controls on the lower part of the steering wheel? I need all controls for the whole steering wheel replaced.

$32.06 for #16867406
and how much for the other ones?


01-14-08, 11:27 AM
threre are only two parts, one left and one right. The lower and upper control are one piece.

01-14-08, 08:02 PM
No, I'm talking about the lower ones on the 03+ i think. They are the odometer readings, gas/mileage/trip set, etc.

01-15-08, 10:07 AM
Oh, I thought you were talking about an 02, since the discussion was about an 02

01-15-08, 08:40 PM
Oh na, Luke are the radio buttons (L&R) the same price for 02's and 03's?