: HID Bulbs

01-09-08, 08:35 AM
Both my HID bulbs are currently dead! One went out, then a week later, the next one died lol !!!

I'm about to purchase a pair from Ebay. Which would be best suited for my car? 6000k or 8000k? I know 8000K is brighter, but I also heard using the wrong one may cause your wires to melt since it requires a lot of power. Please give me some advice so I don't end up buying the wrong one. Oh and its for my 2001 Cadillac Catera.


01-09-08, 09:35 AM
8000k is not brighter. 6000k actually is. 8000k is just more blue than 6000k. both of them will use exactly the same amount of power.

01-09-08, 12:22 PM
For brighter down the road, go for the 5000K if it's still available. Going up in Kelvin rating will just give you a more bluish to purplish color, but without the performance side of it. I mean, what's the use of upgrading to HID if you can't see what's in front of you, specially on a rainy day. And aside from that, you will be more annoying to on coming traffic because the higher the Kelvin, the more glare you get. I believe you have come across someone using those really blue or purple HID conversion kit and aren't they just blinding? Stick with the lower Kelvin rating.

01-09-08, 12:36 PM
If more light is your goal then 4300K is the brightest & whitest. The higher you go the more blue tinge and glare you get.


01-09-08, 01:09 PM
get 6000K, ive got them on my tC and they great. I hate blue lights and these are prob the brightest and clearest ones you can get. If yue were to go any higher than 6000K theyd look that nasty blue color.

01-09-08, 04:22 PM
Stock HIDs are 4300K. The 6000K already look Blueish. I just bought 6000K and wish I went with the 4300K ~ 5000K.

I read that 4300K is actually the brightest also but someone told me 6000K was "pure white". They look blue to me.

01-10-08, 12:11 AM
If your replacing the D2S bulbs get the factory rating of 4300 and a quality bulb like hella, phillips, ge, or osram... the 6000 will be very dim in comparison. if aftermarket i recommend 6000.
i have aftermarket in my fogs and compared to my 4300 d2s (stock headlights) the 5000k fogs were yellow, the 6000k matched much better.
so once again I have stock 4300k D2S headlights and aftermarket 6000k H3 replacements in the fog lights

01-10-08, 10:47 AM
Hey MyOpel how do you light the light output of the H3 HIDs, I heard that due to difference in fillament placement you end up with garbage output... is that true... from the pictures you sent me it looked fine but how would you rate them... I am about to get a 5000K for the fogs and I wanted some extra assurance before I got them...

I was even thinking of the 4300 but I like the 5000K light output and color... the 4300 might just be too yellowish...

01-10-08, 11:10 AM
heres some pics of the 6000K kit on my tC

01-10-08, 01:44 PM
just fog lights:
I like them a lot. in one bad snow storm i turned off the headlights and drove with just the foglights and it was like turning off the high beams in the fog. Before the foglights were useless now they actually light up the road and the side of the road as well. I don't know if you'll like the 5000, although they produced more light they were obviously more yellow compared to the factory d2s (you have a Sport with HID right?)

01-11-08, 08:23 AM
Yep mine is a Sport with OEM HIDs and to be honest the HIDs in our cars are pretty bad, they are just good for show, a lot of the new cars that pass me on the road end up making just as much or slightly more light wiht good old halogen so our projectors are not the best ones out there...

My fogs are fine for now but I figured 70$ for a new kit is a steal deal if you ask me and the 5000K in my other car is plenty nice, makes a ton of power but doesnt look blue or anything... so thats why I was leaning towards the 5000K, the 4300 will be brighter by 200lumens or so but its no big deal since the 5K light will look slightly whiter maybe even with slight hue of blue. In fact my 5K kit makes pure white light and you can only tell them appart if there is another car next to ya with halogens because thats when the HIDs really stand out...

01-11-08, 09:04 AM
for show you can just get the 100w halogen bulbs by luminics or something. A LOT cheaper then HID.

01-11-08, 11:07 AM
...that is a good point but what would a 100w bulb do to the wiring and the housing of the fog lights... I read somewhere that the bulbs are optimised for the light output and heat that they produce so a normal bulb that now 50% higher in wattage will just produce heat and slightly more light but not by much... you will be better off with two 50W bulbs rather then one 100w bulb.

And I guess 70$ for a HID kit is not bad compared to 40$ for those sylvania bulbs... and you are guaranteed x2 output...