: Why is my '96 Northstar now using oil?

01-08-08, 06:43 PM
My 96 SLS with 80k on it has been using more oil than usual in the past 10k-15k miles. I bought it with 24k on it and have kept the oil and filter changed and used conventional Valvoline and/or Castrol in it. It may use 1 to 1 1/2 qts between oil changes in the summer, but the winter is a whole different story. It will use twice that in the winter. No oil leaks, and it has not been abused by me. My local Caddy garage says it is likely the oil rings that are sticking. Comments please.

01-08-08, 07:31 PM
it has not been abused by me.
That's your problem. Take it out and beat the hell out of it. "Drive it like you stole it".

Have you read the Technical Archives at the top left of this page?

01-08-08, 09:14 PM
:yeah: Northstar engines were not designed to mostly run in town. Or slowly. Search around in the N* Performance threads for WOT, oil consumption, and "how to do a WOT". (That's a little on the general info side, but you'll get there eventually) - or,

If your engine has been running generally well and you don't have any coolant loss problems, go through your normal everyday engine checks: coolant level, p/s fluid level, main serpentine belt check, water pump belt/tensioner check, clean air filter?, everything look good? Make sure your oil level is somewhere in the dipstick hashmark. Just where doesn't matter. Dump a 20 oz. jug of Chevron TECHRON fuel system cleaner in the gas tank. Top off with 91/93 octane something. Take a long highway drive. Once in a while in light or better, none, traffic, pull over onto the shoulder and drop it into 1. Get rolling a bit and PUNCH IT ! Shift to 2 just before redline, leaving your foot in the firewall. As you approach redline in 2, flip your foot off the gas pedal and let the engine pull the car down to ~20 mph. Drop back to 1 and do it AGAIN.
(The first time you do this, you'll probably see a real mess of smoky glop out your rearview mirror, and maybe on the second time, too.)

What you have just done is load the piston rings to the max, then unload them with high vacuum, allowing the rings to rotate in the grooves and shed carbon and gum buildup from lazy driving. The N* engine was built to RUN, and that's why Mom & Pop have trouble with oil use. 80k miles on a 96 is extremely low mileage, and this engine is obviously not used to performance operation. Wake it up. Drive it intelligently hard, and it will last forever. Baby it, and you'll create a boat anchor.

01-10-08, 07:24 PM
I am recieving alot of reports that if you use mobil 1 it cuts it down eventually. Mine has been run on synthetic since day one and with the mobil 1 it hasn't burned anything as of yet.

01-10-08, 07:56 PM
I should also add to this Ranger if you see this discussion get out of hand lock it up. I know I have been in to many oil discussions on here to count lol.

01-10-08, 08:07 PM
As long as no one asks "What is the best oil", it'll stay open.

01-11-08, 03:38 PM
Exactly thanks Ranger.

Gm does use Mobil 1 at the plant and I got it pretty cheap considering from wal mart that is why I use it.
I spent 65 bucks for oil and fancy oil filter was 10 of those dollars.