: Oil Filter

01-08-08, 04:58 PM
I'm in the process of changing my Catera's oil for the first time since I bought her. I can seem to find the oil filter housing!!! I see this silver/metallic casing which looks like the filter housing and it is on the driver side with the size 24 head bolt to loosen. It also has an etching on it with an arrow for tightening which shows 15nm. Is this the housing!?!? If so, what is suppose to come out? just the cap or the entire housing?? I keep turning the damn thing counterclockwise and it turns hard, but will not come loose. seems to get getting tighter instead! I don't wanna try to hard just in case it breaks or its not the housing.

01-08-08, 07:27 PM
When you unscrew the cap only the cap should come off... The big round housing stays in place... Get big channel locks with a rag to hold the housing in place while you unscrew the cap or use an oil filter band wrench available at any auto store to hold the housing in place while you unscrew the cap.. And don't worry about the housing turning, Your not doing any damage but dont turn it too much there is a rubber seal behind it... :)

01-08-08, 08:11 PM
I managed to get it off! But it was hell! I got oil all over my arm, and I accidentally rested my head on a puddle of oil lol. The dealer that I got it from must have overtightened the damn thing. It's a good thing I got it off, since the bolt head of the filter cover was pretty damaged. I might have to replace that on my next oil change. What I did was use a filter wrench to hold the housing as I turned the cap with a wrench. It took a couple of tries.. to the point that the wrench began warping the head of the bolt... but it eventually came off. Hope this helps somebody in the future. Thanks for the help guys!