: Now THIS is ownage.. NSX pedo story dont got **** on this.

01-08-08, 01:20 PM

Cliff notes:
some kid hacked a forum, and deleted some stuff.
the members found out who he was, his address, phone#, work place, school ID, etc.
they ordered him magazines, pizzas,rental cars, and made FBI wanted posters of him.

01-08-08, 01:23 PM
thats payback with STYLE!

01-08-08, 05:44 PM
Pretty funny. But that's just angry members retaliating for their forum. This is nowhere near NSX_NICK. That was a whole cat and mouse game with infinite layers and multiple episodes of ownage, not just one...

01-08-08, 05:55 PM
Glad to see he got hassled,too bad if the pizza was ordered from a small mom and pop operation,not fair to them.

01-08-08, 06:06 PM
lol I've saw this around a few different places. A friend sent me the link and I read through part of it, I heard it shut the site down from so many people linking to it though. lol

01-09-08, 12:28 AM
lawl lots of internet ownage lately...

01-09-08, 01:02 AM
Ahahaha, that's funny as ****. I love that craigslist ad.

DDS rollin a CTS
01-09-08, 01:10 AM
I think I still like the NSX_NICK ownage better because that was all real sh*t about him that they exposed for everyone to see. This other one is all made up stuff and while still entertaining, seems a bit juvenile to me.

01-09-08, 03:17 AM
I like seeing retards brought to justice by the public. :)

01-09-08, 12:28 PM
Not as good as NSX_Nick but eJustice has been served nicely.

01-09-08, 12:41 PM
whats the NSX Nick thing?

01-09-08, 12:51 PM
nvm simple google search

01-09-08, 04:39 PM
nick was a classic....his denials were met with justice and retribution...this poor doofus has no idea.