: What Caddy has the loud train sounding horn?

01-08-08, 03:35 AM
Hi everyone, nice forum you have here.

I'm not actually a Cadillac owner, I'm a Jeep owner, but I had a question that I thought you guys could answer better than the guys on Jeepforum.com. Back when I was working in a tire shop a couple of years ago, I found that certain late model Caddys have a great sounding horn. Very loud and deep, and sounds similar to a train horn. I want to get one of these horns for my Jeep, but I don't know what year/model Caddys had this horn, and was hoping someone here could let me know. I don't want to go all out with the train horn, it's a little excessive, but I do like the tone that some Cadillacs have.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

01-08-08, 08:55 AM
My '96 Fleetwood has the "train" sounding horn...

01-09-08, 02:24 PM
My favorite thing about the Roadmaster I owned was that horn!

Lord Cadillac
01-09-08, 03:04 PM
Yeah, I'd probably say it was the Fleetwood Brougham to have that sound in the horn.

01-11-08, 10:46 PM
Thanks for the info guys! Now I know what to look for.

01-12-08, 12:31 AM
You're referring to the "trumpet horn" option, which was available from the mid-60's through the mid-90's. It's a three or four note design that uses three or four separate horns (depending on model year) as opposed to the standard 2 note horn. It was optional on various Cadillac models over the years. For example, my '77 Coupe de Ville has this option, so it has four separate horns, each sounding a different note. There's the standard two ("D" and "F") and the two extra that make the "train" sound ("A" and "C"). It sounds especially awesome when driving trough a tunnel.

01-12-08, 01:27 AM
My FWD Fleetwood has the same horn. I recently took it in to get new tires, and the workers of the shop would honk the horn as they pulled in. I was sitting the the waiting room and could tell the instant my car got brought int, all because that beast of a horn. Most people make fun of it or think it is broken, but I love it. It can be a friendly "go, the lights green" or it can also be a "hey, what what the **** you are doing and stay in your own lane!"

01-16-08, 04:28 PM
94 deville concours my dad had one it was def loud n deep !

08-02-10, 08:24 PM
77CDV is exactly right. Some Caddy guys I know called 'em "two sea shells and a trumpet." Though I don't remember what year models .... somewhere in the fifties.... I've seen the trumpet - usually about two feet long - factory-mounted sideways in front of the radiator. My mom had about a 1989 Sedan de Ville which had an impressive horn, but its sound was accomplished by three or four seashell horns. And it seems to me I remember a loaded-up 1970 Pontiac Bonneville someone's dad had when I was in high school which had three or four-note horns. Could have been added.