: Just needed to wallow

01-07-08, 06:38 PM
Just needed to wallow a bit.... or question (a loud) when do you call it quits or maybe when does your Cat ask for mercy ?

Well, with everything just at the end of 2007 (new head gaskets etc)... still had some lingering weird over heating issues... anyway... TaDah 9without the drum roll)... today: seized tensioner pulley.

Shreded the serpentine belt, had to pull over (with arm power only, as no power steering in a tight 90 degree turn off the bridge)... and that's all she sung. My Cat's dash lit up up like a xmas tree, battery, oil, coolant etc... funny (normally, I like adventures) but I had to be somewhere without fail at 2pm (or else the next appointment wasn't for a year)... anyway, the cat's back at the dealership: after all the work they did (see previous posts), seized tensionner... anyway, placed the work order parts will be in tomorrow morning should be back with it in a day...

That said: when do you call it quits or does the cat really mean: mercy killing (disposal) ?

I'm kinda stuck with a 2008 GrandPrix (Not GTP) with only 5000km as my loaner till tomorrow or so... but again... sigh: when do you call it quits on pumping money in a car you love but is 10 years old and starting to show it age (ps most of this is rehtorical as I'm just bummbed out right now)... :-(

01-07-08, 10:05 PM
i feel your pain. so sorry to hear your woes. you've always had some nice threads and comments on this site. hate to lose another soldier. your question is an age old one though, regardless of model. even though it is a car that is expensive to get parts for. i found the same problem with my ten year old benz. just when i got over the service repair hill, i got smacked with another expensive fix. sell it for $4500 without a/c, or repair the compressor for $1800 to sell it for $5500. than you say to yourself, crap i could have nice new car with monthly payments for what it costs to repair this cat.
the final word that i keep being reminded of is that. "a new car is the worst investment you can make" so most accountants will say.
good luck, and keep the faith. or give it a descent burial.:crying2:

01-12-08, 08:55 AM
Oh forgot to mention... over heating is still occuring... again.

I really think it's the aux. cooling fans, they don't seem to be coming on at all..

01-12-08, 10:53 AM
i gave up on my 2000 Catera at a little over 70,000 miles. Went and bought a 2008 Scion tC.
sucks going from RWD to FWD
and luxury to an import
but it is an awesome car.
not bad cuz Scion has pure pricing and the car actually hold their value extremmmmely well due to the pure pricing factor.
also there is a slew of aftermarket upgrades, unlike the Catera, where everything i did was totally custome made.
And im sure someone on here is gonna give me crap for ditching the Catera for a Scion.
but in the end, im happier with the Scion and in the long run prob saving a ton on money.
and hey....at least i didnt get that stupid xB box.

01-12-08, 01:36 PM
If you dont owe on it or owe little then I would trade her in. I tried to get rid of mine after 1 year of owning it and having it in the shop more than I drove it. Head gasket & new head, aux water pumps, MAF, Coil pack, valve cover gaskets, cant put a damn cd player in it cause no one knows what will stop working if I remove the stock one, and now heater core and ebtcm. I love the car. It rides nice, looks brand new and its a damn Cadillac! Couldnt ask for more. Except for it to work for 2 months without a $1000 problem. Unfortunaly I am upside down in it and have to pay my way down or else I'm adding about $4k to another loan which would be even more insane. Its sad, I love this car but everytime I see one at a dealership, I want to put a sign on it that says DO NOT BUY ME!!!! Love it as much as I hate it =\ I still feel fancy when I drive it though. (just dont look at the orange and red lights on the dash)

01-12-08, 02:44 PM
(just dont look at the orange and red lights on the dash)

good one.
yea i still owe almost all on mine.
im prob gonna be takin a hit by getting rid of it.
but in the long run itll be better.

01-13-08, 10:02 PM
TaDah... good news all... issue has been resolved... by me.

Last time (3 weks ago) my mecanic noticed a burnt fuse for the aux cooling fans, replaced it and all seemed well, until the serpentine belt desintegrated (seized tensioner pulley) anyway, aux fan were not coming back on since.,...

Well, simple review of ALL the fuses with the owner's manual, I saw that the aux cooling fans have 3 seperate fuses, one in particular is hidden from visual inspection... right under the cable to the ECM... one the ECM is slid out, there is a 30a fuse... and tadah, burnt... quick trip to the auto parts store and 79Cents after, replaced the fuse now all is good finally.

Interesting how a laymen like me, can figure it out faster than my mechnaic, mind you he's good, and as he said there was no mechnical reason why it was still overheating.. he was right it was electrical, but nobody ever checked all the fuses.

I'm happy now... last thing (later, much later in Feb) will be to change my idler arm and bushings...

The Cat's is staying for a few more months... and I get the privilege of keep sharing with all of you...:yup:

01-13-08, 10:45 PM
Good News.