: Where to find used CTS?

01-07-08, 04:47 AM
I wondering what sites/places I could go to, to find a used CTS in Ontario and not have to go through a dealer? Thanks for any suggestions/ideas.

01-07-08, 01:09 PM
Your best bet is to look at the private seller listings on www.autotrader.ca

Might find a few on www.kijiji.ca too.

Good luck!

dup's Cadi
01-10-08, 04:55 PM
What Jon said. Auto trader has a bunch on there. They tell you which ones are dealer one and what ones are private sales.

Doug Vanderhaar
01-12-08, 11:12 PM
I have a used 2003 CTS that we might sell, it`s Diamond White exterior , beige interior with factory wood accents- steering wheel ,doors panels, shifter knob- its the top of the line Sport Package. Listed just under $60,000 in 2003. Ya they have come down in price along with our DOLLAR RISE.
It has every option but Navigation that you could order. VERY VERY clean condition always stored inside heated garage. This is the first year we have driven it in the winter as we are normaly gone most of the winter RVing. It was the dealer demo- manager car at London Hummer Cadillac till my wife bought it in 2005.

About 95,000 km. New tires last month Kumho 235/55/17

Only issue has been with the ocassional intermitant failure of day time running lights. <STARTED IN DECEMBER see my old post> We use the fog lights all the time so this isn`t a issue. < when fog lights are actived all the lights come on including the rear lights which makes the car stand out even more.
Also an issue with the thermostat sender causing check engine light, we replaced the thermostat and again same result. Turns out the wiring harness is to close to the engine manifold, they opened up the harness and seperated the wires and now this issue happens intermittantly. I guess we didn`t have to spend $400 + to replace a perfectly good Thermostat.

Sorry I don`t have any pictures of the car by it self, but this one in the garage will give you a start. If your interested we can get more pictures and e mail or phone you, just send a PM. NO I don`t have a price in mind as I havn`t thought about it, but the wife realy lights the 2008 since we test drove one last week! I am sure that if you are serious we can make a deal!!

JUST CLICK on the picture to make it larger.

Doug Vanderhaar
01-12-08, 11:24 PM
It`s the white one in the back ground,:eek: NO we don`t hot rod :stirpot:this car, I am 56 years old, I did race GT Sprints at Mosport from 1996 to 2006 and the 1996 Motorola Cup Camaro was sold last summer.

Replaced it with a 2002 ZO6 (6000 mile)now that I am an old FART:rant2:
Yes it`s a blast at Mosport and faster then the Camaro, even on the factory tires 1 min 36 sec.

Just click on the picture to enlarge.

03-24-08, 08:57 PM
I have a 2006 that I have leased , I am paying all transfer fees and giving 2500 cash to the person who will take over the lease , lease is over Nov 2009 the car has 75k on it with the extended warrenty up to 120k any insterest feel free to email me at clohnes@rogers.com