: catera gone saturday

01-07-08, 03:48 AM
Well I'm trading off my catera saturday. I'm gettin a 3g eclipse gt (v6 5spd), leaving at 6am meeting them half way in indiana. 10hour round trip. not bad seein that the eclipse gets 30mpg.

01-07-08, 10:13 AM
C'mon man, a Cadillac on 22s or an Eclipse? Thats a no brainer. Guess Ill be the 1st one to do it now.

01-07-08, 11:34 AM
mitsubishi? for a caddy? what are you 16 or a chick?

"don't do it, reconsider, read some liter..."


01-07-08, 01:11 PM
yeah but with all the issues (knock on wood i havent had any) i dont wanna be screwed , car is about to hit 100k and i just took it in and it needs wheel bearings that will cost over a grand to fix. my cars theft recovery (was stolen and i bought it back) so i got my money out of it , and the eclipse books for 9k. also can put 22's on it easier lol.

01-07-08, 08:47 PM
BAH!!!!!! :alchi: Rice burner........ The 99 cat shouldn't have many problems, none on my '01 (same motor as yours) since i've had it, and i've got over 120k on it. It's been driven hard a few times too.:bouncy: just maintain it (regular fuel and filter changes) and you'll be fine. There's no way you can't handle that. The cat books right under that and there's less on the roads. they come out with a new eclipse every year with thousands more on the road. It's like a mustang without the muscle effect.... Cadillac's got class and a better ride, it's like comparing a mustang gt to a benz..... Keep the cat man, it gets me more girls then my friends n his trans am or my friend with his lancer, if that's where ur at. If u got the money put a procharger into it and you'll have one sick beast. The only mitsubishi you won't se every 5seconds on the road would be the 3000 which is decent, but the caddi still takes the metal.... Don't do it man.

01-07-08, 09:55 PM
when my cat lost its timing belt and bent the valves. needed head work. guess which car my mechanic says has this problem, even worst. the mitso eclipse. he said especially with higher mileage. same head and valve clearance. be careful, maybe look into an extended warranty. :banghead:

01-08-08, 12:49 AM
man i'm just messin with ya!

if you want to throw 22's on something go with the lincoln LS...

kills the catera & DEFINATLY the mitsu-peicea-shitsi

01-08-08, 08:01 AM
I looked at a few ls's before i got the catera. also my catera books for like 900.00 max cause the theft recovery title.. the eclipse has 30k and the recalls are not done yet ,so atleast i know i wont have issues when i take it and have them done. its also got ,new timing belt ,water pump ,plugs ,wires ,coolent ,and more stuff also. its also more hp and tq than the catera.. i like the catera and mines mint inside and out (minus the fogs) but i just cant do anything with it with the title its not worth much.. at least with the eclipse i can add a few things and get the 11k trade invalue or sell it or trade it off faster.. plus my gf has a lancer.. i'll keep yall updated...........