: Engine gasket kit ?

01-06-08, 07:39 PM
Anyone ever buy or knows of a complete gasket kit ?

I have a few oil leaks and the motor out so it would be a great time to replace everything or at least as much as possible. Gasket kits are usually much cheaper than buying individual gaskets but I can't seam to find one.

Any one have a link or a part number ?

If I don't find a kit I will have to put one together from a head kit and than buy all the rest separately but I will have a leak free motor.

BTW, I looked at the head ports today and one word comes to mind. "Restrictive".
There's power in them there heads, if I have the time I might have to attack them with the dremel.

01-06-08, 08:13 PM

Catera V6 Gasket Kit (00-01) (http://www.trademotion.com/partlocator/index.cfm?action=getLocator&siteid=214240&chapter=DP1MX0&appSectionid=10&groupid=60678&make=5&model=Catera&year=2001&catalogid=1)


PS: If you're thinking about a port job take a look at this.

01-06-08, 08:36 PM
thanks for the links but do you know what's in that gasket kit ?
That price looks way low to be a full kit. Don't get me wrong, the lower the price the better but I just need to make sure.

As far as the porting goes, all I will do is a little clean up of the cast marks and transitions. This car will never be a race car so there's no need for a full on port job.
Than again, I do have cutting bits.:yup:

02-18-08, 11:29 AM
I have been looking for a complete gasket kit also...the online suppliers do not say what gaskets some in the kits. If anyone knows, then please reply.

02-18-08, 06:12 PM
I ended up going to a local auto parts store and ordered both the top end and bottom end gasket kit.
It was a bit over $450 and I got it all including head bolts. (you need 2 sets and you can't reuse the original stretch bolts).
The kits are made by fel-pro but they use seals and various gaskets from all over the world.
One word of advise, open up the kits and check that all the seals and gaskets are there. It took 3 tries to get all the top end gaskets as the first kit was missing head gaskets of all things and the other kit was missing cam seals and a few intake o-rings.

All in all, this is a simple motor that no one should be afraid to tear down.

02-18-08, 07:27 PM
what parts store did you go to? Do you remember the part numbers? Keep us informed if you ended up buying too many gaskets or not enough...

02-18-08, 07:46 PM
I'm done with the motor and used up all the gaskets.
Got them from Advanced Autoparts and will get you the part numbers tomorrow (don't have the boxes at home).

02-18-08, 11:30 PM
I'm not sure, but I think you would need these gaskets:

1.) FEL-PRO CS26173 Conversion Gasket Set (for bottom of engine)
2.) FEL-PRO ES72906 Cylinder Head Bolt Set (two of these)
3.) FEL-PRO HS26189PT Cylinder Head Gasket Set (for top of engine)

Am I missing anything? If I am going to rebuild a used engine, should I change anything else when I have the engine out?