View Full Version : need help with heater core removal!

05-10-04, 05:06 PM
i have a 72 deville and i cant figure out how to get to the heater core to remove it. i thought you accessed these from under the hood, and i can see the two hoses going into the heater core (aligned one to the right of the other, NOT one on top of the other like a 60s deville ive seen) but i cant figure out how to get to it... i dont have to take the entire a/c assembly off, do i? do i possibly access it from INSIDE the car? if so what parts of the dash do i take off? i could really use some help here. thanks. -bill (AIM: billsif)

05-19-04, 03:29 PM
I have replaced a heater core on a '73. these are exactly the same as a '71 and '72. DO NOT remove any a/c parts, not necessary. Remove top portion of dash ( you may need to remove the center and right air duct vents and clock wires). Remove glove box. The heater core is in a plastic housing behind the glove box. You will have to remove some vacuum lines and wires to the heater core enclosure. There are four bolts holding the enclosure to the firewall. The bolt heads are on the inside of the vehicle and the nuts are on the other side of the firewall. Have one person with a deep well socket hold or loosen the nuts from under the hood, while you hold or loosen the bolts from inside the car. I suggest that you cover the hose connection stubs with duct tape to prevent coolant from spilling on the interior when you pull the heater box out. The entire assembly pulls out easily.

It has been 24 years since I replaced the heater core (some minor details may be missing from the above description). Mine had a slight leak that pushed steam out of the a/c vents. Another tell tale sign is coolant seepage behind top edge of carpet on passenger side.

Take your time, and good luck.