: Posted about CF at ClubGP (Grand Prix Club)

01-06-08, 09:49 AM
Background info. I have been a member of ClubGP since 1999. The site is similar in ownership to CF. Only the owner is a bit greedy. There have been issues from time to time about Vendor rules and fees. Now the Owner resorts to banning all the helpful "littleman" who produce high performance /Show parts for the GP /L67 3800 engines. These "littlemen" do not have the same amount of volume or income from sales that a typical "vendor" would. Therefore they can not afford the high vendor fees. Well the Owner gets tired of the "littlemen" skirting the issues and bans most of them. This results in a lot of members getting really pissed off. Which leads to some more banning.

All this because the Owner admitted to being a control freak and seems to be greedy to the point he doesn't want to offer the "littlemen" a smaller fee to advertise on ClubGP... :banghead::banghead:

So, In a post about the issues on ClubGP, I use the "CF" forums has an example of the way a forum should be::D

Let me give you guys an example. Over at the Cadillac Forums, (CF), they have what would be called an OT Section.... BUT.. There are plenty of level headed mods that DO NOT tolerate any kind of politics or personal attacks ANYWHERE on that site... PLAINLY stated in the rules BEFORE you hit the registration button....

I have learned MORE about the Northstar V8 in 3 months than I've learned about the L67 in 4 years......

The overall mood is friendlier and the newbies are helped. They are MORE than willing to STAY and become supporting members.... .. Plus the place is conducted in a professional manner to the point that several large Cadillac Dealerships have come on board to be major sponsors along with a couple high profile Vendors..

There is no E-Battles between dealerships OR vendors ( Like the ZZP -Intense crap there is here)

The advertising rates are on a STICKY.

The Admin. of the CF is a "car nut". Not just a Businessperson who wants to put MONEY in his pocket. Or a CONTROL FREAK.

They offer Supporting Membership which is $5 a month.... You can sign up for as many months as you like. I usually sign up for $20 A TIME. It is the ONLY site to date so far that I have supported with money because of it's professionalism and willingness to help people learn about their cars and diagnose problems without being called whatever names I have seen used on ClubGP...

I can take the verbal crap that spews from some people on here. That's not the point. The point is the professional appearance, integrity & character of an online community is degraded by the actions of a few disrespectful members.

01-06-08, 07:04 PM
When I had my 01 GTP I noticed it was just a different board. Some guys are alright and know there shit, other need to give me their GTP/Regal/Bonney so I can save it from the pit of dispair.

01-06-08, 09:11 PM
yea i used to be on clubgp about a year ago with my monte carlo, since then people just pick fights about the stupidest things....