: I Got the Complimentary Service All Right.

01-03-08, 09:40 PM
I took my car in for the complimentary first service at the local Cadillac dealer, Lithia, and barely got my monies worth. They dumped the oil, poured in more, changed the filter and that was it. They ran a greasy rag over the outside of the windshield and called it good. No wash, no vacuum, no nothing else. There are a lot of Jiffy-Lube horror stories floating around but the local franchisee is ten times better than this nonsense. I saw absolutely no reason why I should ever go back to get serviced there again. You guys that have dealers in your area that actually provide service have no idea how lucky you are.

01-03-08, 09:42 PM
Note to self: don't treat customers like that.

At the Cadillac dealers, do you usually get a free wash and vac with any service? I'm interested, I never brought my '92 in to the dealer for service work, because it either didn't need it, or I could do it at home, or I could have them do it at work.

At the Benz dealer I go to, I get a wash anytime I go in there, even if I don't have to pay for the work. For example, when I had them check out my HVAC problem, at no charge to me, I got a free wash and vac out of the deal. That's great service.

At the Chevy dealer I work at, we don't have the facilites to wash every car that comes through...we'd be backed up for hours on end.

01-03-08, 10:20 PM
Mine always washes it for me. That said, I have to take it back next week AGAIN to correct things they screwed up if you remember the actuator fiasco I had when they damaged the Zebrano trim panel & steering wheel. It's still not right. Dash was never put back together properly and now I have creeks & groans I never had before. :mad:

01-03-08, 10:37 PM
On top of everything else the building they're in is nearly new, less than a year old. The shop area is filthy and looks like a bomb went off in it. If I owned the place I'd fire every last swingin' dick, close the place down for a week while I cleaned it up, and start over with a whole new crew.

01-03-08, 10:40 PM
The attitude at a business starts from the top down. If the guy running the place is honest, fair, and hard working and demands the same from the employees it's a great start. If the boss is a surly scoundral everybody else will take the cue.

01-04-08, 12:04 AM
Even though I've had issues with the local dealer, they seem to be getting their act together. They wash everytime it goes in, but I've started asking them not to because they put little scratches in the paint that I have to buff out. It's tough owning a black car and being anal. They're always nice & if I'm not pleased with the way they've done something, one word to the service manager & it's taken care of. My only issue with the place is that they loan out G6s to most people. They've got a couple H3s & a few Caddies, but they go to the people bringing in cars higher on the food chain than my CTS. I did get a yellow H3 one time. It took me a while to sweat talk the cute rental girl into letting me have it, but by the time I returned it I wished I would have taken the G6 she offered to begin with because that H3 was one thirsty SOB! There's a dealership an hour away that gives out 07 CTSs as rentals. They've also got a couple STSs, that I can never get, and a few DTSs too. I got one of those once. What a boat! Only thing I liked about that car was the A/C in the seats! I don't go there anymore because it's too far & they seem to have their heads a bit too far up their asses, but once they get in some 08 CTSs as loaners, I'm sure I'll find something that needs work under warranty! On a Friday after noon.