: Spamming to increase your post count/enable PMs

01-03-08, 06:59 PM
PMs are a privilege, not a right. Per our rules, there may be a certain postcount threshold for which PMs will be enabled, before which PMs are off. Any member seen "spamming" to increase their postcount beyond this level will be dealt with.

Spamming is posting useless, non-contributary junk that helps nobody. Examples are 1-word posts, "nice car" posts, 1 smilie posts, or "post #1". Your posts must have content to earn the privilege of PMs. Supporting members have PMs enabled upon payment regardless of postcount, but are still subject to the forum's rules.

How will I deal with spammers? PMs will most certainly be disabled for good. Removal from ability to post is possible. Other actions will vary.

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