: Supercharged V6

01-03-08, 05:17 PM
Here's something for all of you looking for more HP from our 3.0 V6.



01-04-08, 05:59 PM
i wanna see how long his car last's before his trans blows.

01-05-08, 08:45 AM
Im sure the trans can handle alot more than people think it can.. just add an additional oil cooler to the trans and you should be fine... :)

01-05-08, 11:50 AM
stock Catera trans can only take 258 ft-lbs

01-05-08, 02:35 PM
good lookin elvin i would like to come across a set up similar that would put me around 250hp and 258 or less torque I was thinking a small charger like the eaton m62 that is used on the supercharged cobalt if im not mistaken its made for 2-4 Liter engines but the problem is installation,brackets,and tuning to say the least i would like to find one cheap from a junkyard here is some info http://www.capa.com.au/eaton_m62data.htm which we could see up to 280 hp but could always run less boost for tranny but id say it would be close to 258 torque here is a similar one for sale http://www.superchargersonline.com/product_detail.asp?PartNumber=PSE-20-90-33-012-P

01-05-08, 09:36 PM
I was following up on supercharging the 3.0L V6. Within GM we share that engine with Saab and Saturn here in the States. I'm not a big fan of turbocharging, except on Champcars, so Saab's set-up is out. For me a supercharger is the way to go. Saturn agrees. I was thinking that one of you technical types could adapt the Saturn parts to the Catera. The Eaton supercharger is incorporated into the intake plenum. Being that the Vue's engine is mounted transversely they mount the throttle body to the side. In the Catera it would be facing the rear. It would take some fancy plumbing to get air back there. The SC would sit higher too so a "power bulge" in the hood would be necessary. Maybe an intake could be incorporated into the bulge. Junkyards are full of IROC Camaros with hoods they're not using anymore.

http://images.truckinweb.com/events/0502_nopi_06z+saturn_vue_redline+supercharger_view .jpg

Another thing I noticed is that the L300's V6 uses Alloy Cam Covers from the Opel Vectra. They seal better than the Catera's leaky plastic ones, using wider gaskets. The covers can be polished, chromed, or painted for a custom look. One disadvantage is that using these covers on the Catera will place the oil filler near the passenger's side firewall. We'd need a long funnel to avoid spills.
Saturn L300 V6


01-06-08, 02:04 AM
I like the look of the saturn intake manifold.. I wonder if there are any benefits to us if our manifolds were to be swapped.. If there is any gain to be made.. I know the cateras runners are a straight shot which is great... But maybe the Saturn plenum could flow more air?? :-D

01-14-08, 09:11 PM
What about the double throttle body and all that intake plumbing BS?

01-16-08, 05:19 PM
the plumbing is for the air intake as you already know. My conclusion to all that is when the engine hits around 3500 RPM the 2nd valve opens up to increase the air intake. Just get rid of it and hook up a cold air intake with the two throttle body intakes combined into one pipe. That way you dont have to hit 3500RPM to get the juice you want.

Po Pimp
01-17-08, 09:46 PM
The ram air valve in conjunction with the manifold actually produce boost at or around 4000rpms. Not much but enough to feel a little bit of an increase. You can usually hear the sound change in the engine when it does it. Taking it off would be a be a lose of around 10-20HP, although, you probably would not notice it much at the pedal because it is really only a boost at higher rpms.

The charger on the Saturn looks to me to be off of a Ford Lighting. I am guessing that because of the mounts on the bottom of the charger.

I messed around a little bit with an M-62 I got second hand. I never really got any where before I sold it. I blew the differential in my Catera and sold it so I would not leave myself short that month.

I keep looking at these kits on E-bay. They are M-90s off of old T-birds and Courgars. It interest me because some of them come in complete packages so to speak: charger, intercooler, a half circle to mount throttle body foward and some other various tubes. I really wish I could see one in person to decide. I will probably just buy one next month if I see one with some low bids. It seems like you would have to come up with two, most likely three custom pieces but they look like they would be easier to design and make, to work. I figure if it does not work out I could polish all the components and sell them for more then I bought them for off of E-bay.

I like "roots" type blowers for a car like this. Everything else takes to long to make a difference or cost way to much money for the minimual power you would want to add.

01-18-08, 09:34 AM
the plumbing is for the air intake as you already know. My conclusion to all that is when the engine hits around 3500 RPM the 2nd valve opens up to increase the air intake. Just get rid of it and hook up a cold air intake with the two throttle body intakes combined into one pipe. That way you dont have to hit 3500RPM to get the juice you want.

The Multi Ram is a little more complicated than that. There are 2 valves involved. The external on on the plastic intake tubes, and an internal one inside the Intake Plenum. Their purpose is to provide different paths for the inlet air at different RPMs to optimize torque at low RPMs and HP at high RPMs..

A long narrow path accelerates the intake air at low RPM. It's called the Bernoulli Effect. That's good for bottom end torque. But the set-up chokes the intake at high RPM and limits top end HP.

If the intake path is short and wide you get fast air at high RPM. That's good for top end HP, but bad for bottom end torque.

The Multi Ram allows a good compromise across the RPM range. The 2 valves combine to effectively change length and width of the intake path, at set RPM stages, to optimize the airflow into the engine. Removing it leaves you with the internal valve but without the external one the airflow will be compromised.

An intake compressor like a turbo or supercharger shoves air into the engine so it always has fast moving air regardless of RPM. Without one, and minus the Multi Ram, the engine will suffer. I have no proof but I believe the popular K&N type cold air intake kits can improve performance, not by supplying cold air, but because they eliminate some intake restriction which helps the Mutli Ram do its stuff.

The following diagrams are from the Omega Owners Forum: