: PM/eMail distribution of inappropriate material

Lord Cadillac
01-01-08, 01:56 PM
Members are not permitted to create threads or posts/replies inviting others to respond by requesting a PM/email that directs them to material that is inappropriate for posting on the forum.

The forum will not serve to facilitate material which is prohibited by our existing rules.

Members can find such content without the assistance of Cadillac Owners.

01-08-08, 06:32 AM
I'll go one step further.
I am disallowing posts asking to "PM me this information" or "email me that diagram".
This forum exists to serve the community. Private exchange of Cadillac-related material does not.

Right from our rules: "In addition, private messages are not intended to deprive the Community of valuable information or experiences which could benefit the entire group. Please do not use private messages if the content of the message can be helpful to others." I'm adding email to that.