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12-31-07, 09:08 AM

My 95 SLS came home last night with the serpentine belt thrown from the drive pulley but still on the engine. I was not driving, but here's what I can piece together:

I've noticed over some period of time - maybe a couple months or more - the engine just seemed a little noisier than usual at idle.
Last night, wife was driving on highway @ 80 MPH & sounded like they hit something on the road and lost steering - which, of course, was the belt.

Before I get into it, I was hoping for some guidance on what to look for. I'll see if idler & tensioner pulley's may be frozen. Belt looks ok. It has 135k on it. Is it likely the belt just stretched out and came off? Or is there usually more to it? Should I just put this one back on and if it stays on assume all is ok? Or should I do that with a new one?


12-31-07, 12:06 PM
With that mileage, I'll bet that either the tensioner spring and/or pulley or the idler pully has gone to lunch. Not uncommon over 100k.

If you're going to DIY, jack the car up a bit and pull the wheel and inner plastic fender liner. You should be able to work better from there than hanging down into the front of the engine.

Might as well replace both tensioner and idler, as well as spin the A/C and alternator pulleys for a smoothness/noise test. The tensioner spring should be strong.

12-31-07, 04:15 PM
The belts don't stretch enough to come off. What stretch there may be will be taken up by the tensioner. I'm with Sub. I'd suspect a bad tensioner or pulley bearing.