: Thinking about getting a Roadmaster wagon

12-30-07, 10:49 PM
A friend of mine's 60 year old mother is selling her white '92 Roadmaster wagon, and I've liked it since I first saw it, so I'm thinking about snapping it up. She's buying a 2001 BMW 3 series wagon.

So, I'll lay the facts on the table. This car has helped her raise three kids, it has 282,000 miles on it, but she changed the oil every 3,000 miles, and it still runs smoothly. It's a little beat up, and she wants $800 obo.

It's missing the wheelcovers (kinda my fault, long story) the fake wood is in nice shape, but the molding around it is peeling, the headliner is coming down in spots, the tan leather is worn badly on the front seats, air & power seats nolonger work, couple dents, the usual stuff you'd expect a nearly 300k mile car to have.

Why do I want the old beater? Since they came out I have always liked the '90s GM fullsize wagons, and this one has some memories with it. Her kid & I named it the shaggin' wagon lol.

I figured I'd atleast give it the TLC it needs and pass the polished diamond on to a more respectable owner than it might get in it's current start. Or, I'll keep it around. I don't really have room, but I like the car.

I thought being a '92 it would have the L05 350 in it, but the owner said when she bought it, the dealer kept pushing at her that it has a Corvette engine... I thought the didn't do that until '94? How much longer do you think it will run before needing a major overhaul?

Just looking for opinions. and other angles.


EDIT this isn't it, but here's a '96 in the same color combo, to provide a better visual.


12-30-07, 10:52 PM
800 for a reliable DD
id jump on it

12-30-07, 10:54 PM
Watch for rust, but it sounds like a good deal to me. Make sure trans is solid. Readjust TV cable often to ensure long trans life.

12-30-07, 11:27 PM
Iv'e been looking for one for quite awhile,they really hold their value,so for $800.00 you cant lose.

12-31-07, 12:34 AM
Why do I want the old beater? Since they came out I have always liked the '90s GM fullsize wagons, and this one has some memories with it. Her kid & I named it the shaggin' wagon lol.

Hey, there's only one "shaggin' wagon" and thats my van. Did either one of you ever "shag" in it anyway?. Didn't think so. :eek: Anyhow, mileage is really up there so either buy it and see how far it'll go till she blows or dont bother with it cause really, it would take more money to get the car straight than its worth.

12-31-07, 02:47 AM
Personally, I'd pass. Too many miles, even for the old TBI 350, and the interior is torn up, along with the A/C being inop. But that's just me...I know you can work wonders with old cars though.

12-31-07, 12:36 PM
I like wagon version's front end better over the sedan's for RM .I believe '96 Fleetwood too got one of those LT1 wagons .

12-31-07, 08:09 PM
The '93 Caprice Classic wagon I got in July for $1600 (144K) has been fine for me so far - I only put about 2500 miles on it since then, but it's doing exactly what I bought it for - runs to Lowes and BJs, etc etc. I have the cloth interior and it's maybe 85 out of 100. For $800, if the motor and trans are still good, I'd probably go for it - but again, depends on what you want out of it.... Good luck either way.

12-31-07, 10:22 PM
That's not a bad car, but a very run of the mill combination, and for miles/condition...you can find better choices for even the same price, if you look/stumble on something.