: 22s again

12-30-07, 10:20 PM
Ok I found some nice set of 22 x 8.5, so I aint got to worry about the front strut tower. I'm running 8.5s right no no prob. Only thing Im worried about is the height. With a 30 pro tire any 1 know if itll clear? My car has 87200 miles on it, I don't know if I should shell out more money on another pair of rims, since I recently bought 20s. Whats your guys take?

12-31-07, 11:59 AM
go with a 25 series... i know a lot of dudes running 25's instead of 30's so they can get a little more clearance. and theres no difference in ride quality.

01-02-08, 12:23 AM
yeah ,then bring me your 20's

01-02-08, 08:46 AM
Sell it to you cheap...

01-02-08, 08:10 PM
btw, looked into the 25 profiles, but I can only find ones with a lot of tread. I found a 285/25/22, $348 a piece forget that.

295/25/22 that have a tread width of 10.5", section width 11.9". Don't know the deal with tread size. right now Im leaning towards picking up the 235/30/22, but if anyone can help me out with the tread sizes and 25 pros, would be greatly appreciated.

01-02-08, 10:44 PM
235/30/22 should work.