: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Totally off topic, but what's your fav AMERICAN-made bubbly?

12-30-07, 08:27 PM

We like the Roederer Cristal 1999.

12-30-07, 09:35 PM
Coors light

12-30-07, 10:55 PM
I've yet to find a real good American-made bubbly - the Canadian stuff I've tasted is even worse!
Think you've got to buy offshore bubbly to find a decent one. My wife certainly enjoys drinking Henkell (from Germany). Bottles of that particular brand don't seem to hang around too long whenever I bring them home.
Happy New Year!!

12-30-07, 11:46 PM
Hang out in the lounge some time its fun.
Moved there where it belongs.

12-31-07, 12:16 AM
Shiner Bock, '07.

12-31-07, 12:31 AM
Shiner Bock, '07.

Can't argue with that! Bock rocks! After all, it runs through thousands of quality Czechs every day...

12-31-07, 01:22 AM
Bubbly... I'll assume we're talking sparkling wine. I'm a big fan.

I'm a big fan of Gloria Ferrer. The Sonoma Brut is wonderful, a 90 point wine at $14 a bottle or thereabouts at either BevMo or Trader Joe's. If you can find the Gloria Ferrer 1997 Carneros Cuvee, buy it!

I've tried a number of high-end champagnes (personal fav is Krug) but now I pretty much refuse to pay $100-$200 for a bottle when there are some really nice, satisfying bubbly wines with some real complexity for under $30.

Latest find (not American): several Veuve Ambal sparkling wines at BevMo for $8 - $15. Try the Brut Elysee Framboise; I had a bottle of this on Christmas and it was truly lovely.

12-31-07, 02:19 AM
Welch's Sparkling Grape

12-31-07, 02:54 AM

12-31-07, 03:03 AM
i dont like that wine stuff.... only in canada i can drink but when i do go its good old jack daniels..

12-31-07, 07:13 PM
Dom Perignon is the only way to go

12-31-07, 07:22 PM
A good, single-barrel Kentucky Bourbon. Bubbly ? Most American sparkling white wines are rot-gut. (Life is too short for white wine)

Happy New Year to the whole looney bin...........!!