: Long time driver, first time poster

12-30-07, 03:47 PM
I've often come to this forum for tips and info that has helped immensely. Currently I am rearranging my vacation plans to move my timeshare week closer to home, so I can drive there. I'd rather spend 3 hours in my CTS than have to fly four hours.

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12-31-07, 12:41 PM
Welcome to the forums !

12-31-07, 02:31 PM
Welcome! We can tell you're a long time CTS driver because most of the new CTS drivers have a somewhat different lexicon.

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01-02-08, 05:12 PM
Welcome! Timeshare, aye? Perhaps you can afford to avoid this hassle altogether. There are services that you can enlist to get out of timeshares like there that arenít being flexible. Timeshare Relief is the one I know of by name. Remember you paid these timeshare folks good money already, and if they donít give you what you want, cut Ďem loose.