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12-30-07, 01:00 AM

Been lurking a few days, so I thought I'd introduce myself.

Currently, I'm driving an '05 Chevy Cobalt SS (Supercharged). Nice little car, damn quick. Lease is up in May, and I'm leaning towards the CTS (DI, RWD, FE2, MT). Another potential candidate would be a Pontiac G8 GT, but who knows what sort of availability there'll be in Canada for 2008. Either way, it's definitely going to be a big change.

I'll be 30 in January, so I guess it's time for something a little more grown-up (or I just want to spoil myself ;)). I'm a little concerned about the manual transmission on the CTS, my Cobalt's pretty nice to drive (it's also the only thing I have to compare to, really - it was my first manual, and the only other stick I've driven was a crappy Neon). I'm hoping it's at least as good as the Cobalt, if not better - anyone have experience with both of these transmissions? :)

Still not sold on a colour, think Blue Chip is the leading candidate at this point. Was hoping to see one in person, unfortunately, the only Cadillac dealer in the area (not even ordering from this dealer, going to order from my local Chevy dealer) doesn't have any Blue Chip (or Thunder Gray) models on the lot. They don't have any manuals, either, if I wanted to test drive one.

Anyway, I guess I've rambled on enough now!

12-30-07, 01:32 AM
:welcome: Thanks for signing up.

12-30-07, 03:01 AM
Hello and :welcome5: to the forum.