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12-29-07, 03:14 PM
What's so special w/ Stargate ?
It was a nice film but new versions featurin "McGyver" is not same I think . I don't know if it is a good idea to make tv series from movies .

12-29-07, 04:53 PM
My wife and I watched Stargate SG1 and now Atlantis (as they ended SG1) and have really enjoyed the series. They have much deeper stories than Star Trek, more realistic, tossing in the element of the mystery of what is at NORAD and Area13 to be part of it. I like Star Trek, but honestly shows like Battlestar Galactica (the new series), SG1, and Atlantis are just more entertaining than Star Trek ever was. Maybe it is the Military in me that I spent 8 years in that makes me like it that much more, especially the early BSG stuff, really pushing the envelope that you feel what it is like to be in and what sort of things might happen. Not all do, it is still very fictional, but keeping the military traditions of what goes on from a uniquely different aspect.

But I am also a big fan of Babylon 5, which was awesome to be such a long series, it was written to be a 5 year novel, and BSG seems to be following the tradition, despite the idiots at SciFi making the fans wait 1 full YEAR to get the next season going. SciFi and most other networks want the "stand alone" shows like Star Trek was famous for, not shows that lead one into another into another, where if you come in the middle you lose track. That is what makes very loyal and strong following, but it also makes it tough for someone coming in the middle to get a real grip on the whole series too. But I think they should work hard at playing the other shows in proper sequence to help those get hooked.

StarGate was pretty good for that, they had lots of 2 parters, or seasons that linked up pretty good (Replicators for one). They had strong themes, seeded with fact from our own history, making neat theme that was long lived and never really got tiring. I was dissappointed that the end was "short" and weak with the Ori, they obviously were fighting with SciFi yet again to keep the shows stand alone when they needed to be much more connected. So it made the end lackluster when it really could have been great.

But, that is my not always so humble opinion!

Oh, and humor was never ending with "jack" aka "McGyver", they even made McGyver cracks now and then.... And got weird stares from each other.... Loved the humor in SG1. Atlantis is ok for it, not near as good as SG1, yet. We can only hope. Rodney and John Shepard are a great pair.... But the SG1 team worked so much better together...

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12-30-07, 03:13 AM
What's so special w/ Stargate ?
It was a nice film but new versions featurin "McGyver" is not same I think . I don't know if it is a good idea to make tv series from movies .
new versions? sg1 was on for like 10 years! with that out of the way It is/was a reasonable take on th SG movie and had good entertainment value but scifi kept it on life support way too long and towards the end it lost its soul.
I personally don't like the long serial format of the current bsg it becomes difficult to follow kind like lost (an appropriate name referring to viewers not characters) now short serial formats like classic dr who were reasonable (waiting on new episodes drives me nuts)
babylon 5 was just a well writen well produced series until Ted Turner f'd it up with his tainted influence as a result seasons 1 thru 4 were well above board while season 5 barely registers any impact on me.

12-30-07, 09:07 AM
babylon 5 was just a well writen well produced series until Ted Turner f'd it up with his tainted influence as a result seasons 1 thru 4 were well above board while season 5 barely registers any impact on me.

Well said, I can hardly recall a single B5 season 5 episode, while Seasons 1-4 I remember very well. I guess the last episode, but it was done in Season 4 anyway as the renewal was up in the air.

I never got to watch a single episode of Cruisade, as local TV didn't cover, it went cable/sat only.

12-30-07, 10:43 AM
What's so special w/ Stargate ?
It was a nice film but new versions featurin "McGyver" is not same I think . I don't know if it is a good idea to make tv series from movies .

New versions????? The series ended last year after 10 seasons.

It was a great series except for the last season. They never really said if they defeated the Ori and I thought most episodes sucked.

12-30-07, 12:27 PM

NORAD and Area13??

You mean Area 51... What are you smoking dude?:cookoo::cookoo::D

12-30-07, 12:28 PM
There are 2 new DVD movies being released this year and next dealing with SG1 and the final chapters with the Ori

12-30-07, 03:20 PM
Too much ZDDP.... See what happens when I am up too late..... Can't even think straight....

(then again, you haven't HEARD of Area13 yet eh? ......)


NORAD and Area13??

You mean Area 51... What are you smoking dude?:cookoo::cookoo::D

12-31-07, 07:06 AM
I liked the movie.
Can't get into any of the shows.
BSG rules though, I missed a few Season 3, was hoping to get it for Christmas... anyone wants to give me a late Christmas present can send it C/O the dealership! :histeric:

I got Bender's Big Score and Die Hard 4 yesterday using gift cards.
Finished my Star Trek collection with the last two deluxe movie editions from the Mother in Law.

The SG shows look like they are done okay, I just can't get into it... not that I would have time anyway.

12-31-07, 02:41 PM
Season 3 to me was disappointing compared to 1 and 2 (we are rewatching all the shows right now). I think Season 1 was best so far. Looking forward to Season 4. And I missed Razor, was it any good? I like BSG because it gives you a good idea on how a leader (Adama) has to make decisions on the fly, stick with them, and make the well being of the fleet a high priority in such a out of control situation.

12-31-07, 03:03 PM
SG1 ruled the airwaves until Jack O'Neil got promoted (i.e. until Richard Dean Anderson decided to spend more time with his daughter) IMO. Great. Show. Full. Stop.

I'm still hanging with Atlantis, but only because I like the universe.

I'm all over BSG but they've gotta lighten up some on the drama and put in more fighting.

I'll also continue to hang with the Star Trek universe. I watched the originals; TOS helped me get into sci-fi in the first place. I drooled over TNG. I slept through DS9, carved my wrists through Voyager, and bled out during Enterprise. Meanwhile the movies: ST: First Contact rocked and indicated that the franchise was coming back! ST: Insurrection was... cute. ST: Nemesis... where'd I leave that knife?

I'll be in the theater on opening day for Star Trek XI, my optimism in one hand and my knife in the other.

12-31-07, 06:27 PM
Me? I still have a thing for Space:1999, as corny as it was in the special effects catagory, as a kid in 1976, that was sooo much better than Star Trek, I guess I had seen to many TOS episodes by then, looking for something new. But it was great then, Star Trek:TOS came on at 5, Space:1999 came on at 6, and BSG the original series came on at 7. Those were the days.... Some of the stills of the deep space scenes like the closing credits in Space:1999 were excellent, the eagles on wires, weren't.... But still a thought provoking modular design. Was dissappointed they didn't do anything for Space:1999 for 1999....

Yeah, I can see Jack (RDA) getting promoted (taking time off) as the big turning point.

And I did get to visit the studio when BSG was being filmed, but they wouldn't let anyone on the set or near, (yes, Universal in CA was a REAL studio then still). A bunch of people did get to meet Lou Ferigno. Bionic Man was the other thing hopping then too....

SciFi has come a LONG way.....

12-31-07, 06:33 PM
I just love TOS, maybe because me and Dad used to watch it together all the time.
TNG was just good TV, although sometimes cheesy.
DS9 was kind of dark and not really very "Roddenberry" but it was okay.
Voyager... OMG what can I say. I literally FORCED myself to watch several episodes but I couldn't stomach it.
I had to give up.
Enterprise... is bearable. Not the greatest and they really killed it at the end. I missed the finale on TV, saw it on the DVD set that I bought, I warned my wife to never watch the finale it was so horrible. :D

ST I, the "motionless" picture :histeric:
ST II, I LOVE that one.
III, snoozefest, tearjerker.
IV, funny, goofy, left-field eco-freak movie but I still liked it, reminds me of when I lived out there. I always laugh when they are in the parking lot under the golden gate bridge and the lady asks them if they need a ride to the town they are already in :histeric:
V, really? Not my favorite.
VI, my wife's favorite, despite a few glitches... I loved it.
Generations was good, although they could have left Whoopie out of it.
First Contact was the best Borg show, but I don't much like the Borg. Good movie though.
Insurrection... a little slow but worth watching once.
Nemesis... the movie wasn't made for fans it was made to be like a mass market action sci-fi. It was good but not what I loved about ST.
I am ready for another one... who knows when that will be or what it will be?

BSG, I LOVE it. I do wish they could lighten it up a little, I think it is VERY HEAVY and you have to watch it all.
I didn't like the season where they were under Cylon rule, at least not while they were on the planet. The 1st season was great. I still like watching it, even though my wife quit watching it with me because it was so brutal and heavy.
I liked Razor but I don't like time jumping, although it was nice to get some backstory on the Pegasus.

I think the real thing keeping me away from SG1 and Atlantis is that I don't have time to get into another show.
They look like they are done well.

I hate all that reality crap on TV for the last couple of years, I wish everyone would quit watching it so it will go away.

12-31-07, 08:56 PM
SG1 is a good one that you don't HAVE to see all the past episodes, but it helps to know the underlying theme (Goulds (I know, I don't know how to spell properly!)), and why they are like they are is nice to know, but overall a bad guy is a bad guy. Borrow the first season on DVD from someone, if not just one disk and see if you like. Watch out for the brief 100% full nude scene in the pilot of SG1. Not sure if it is still, but my videotape of it has it, so I have to watch around that scene with the kids around. So it doesn't get watched often. Not sure why they did that with a made for TV series.

I like how in the new BSG they keep coming up with very vaugely similar story lines compared to the original BSG. But new stories all together.

So, will they go in Season 4 to Cylon? In the original series IIRC one of them they did. I have all one video tape except the second half of the one with the Pegasus.

I don't think I watch any of the reality shows if that helps...

12-31-07, 09:06 PM
Yeah, my DVD boxed set has the nude scene. The show was on Showtime at that point. Not sure why they did it, or alternatively why they didn't keep doing it during the Showtime run. It was more distracting than anything else IMO; the characters were what made SG1 great.

I will keep watching BSG faithfully, although I expect lots more in the way of deep dark meaningful looks rather than CGI. Why can't they do some CGI fighting every episode? The rescue from New Caprica was awesomeness.

12-31-07, 09:07 PM
Addendum: I would like to freaking see Carter naked once before she gets too damned old.

12-31-07, 09:29 PM
Ack, StarGay: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x34upn_sam-jack_music

01-01-08, 03:28 AM
That was a good one.... I always loved the scene when Teal'c and Jack were time looping and Jack handed Hammon of Texas his resignation and turned over and grabbed Carter and ..... Well, you had to see it.....

It was shows like that one that really made it great to watch.