View Full Version : Mods for my 93 STS????

05-09-04, 12:09 AM
Hello everyone.. Im new to the Forum and recently purchased a 93 STS. Like everything I own I wanted it faster so started buying go-fast stuff. I already have a custom chip from Domestic Performance that is calibrated for better flowing exhaust and a better air intake system. I also have installed a test pipe in place of the converter and am now looking to start upgrading everything else. Just wanted to get some ideas from you guys that have been modding these cars for a while. Like any car some mods work better than others or not at all. Ive heard of better MAF units and TPS mods ect. Not sure which ones apply to my Northstar Engine and just wanted some good advice on what parts actually work. Im looking to build the car to run high 13s all motor and maybe break the 12s with juice..... but still be a useable car during the day..
any info much appreciated.