: 97 Catera

12-28-07, 08:29 PM
Hello all, I'm new to this site and have just figured how to start a new thread. My daughter's car has a few problems which I 1st thought to be huge but now I'm thinking less severe due to feedbacks and previous threads. Her 97 Cat has a small coolant leak which another member pointed may be the HBV(heater bypass valve) and the other is a P0101 code that has come back again after being cleared. I gather for the P0101 which signals a problem w/the mass airflow, that I should replace the fuel filter, PCV valve and replace or check the airfilter be4 trying to clean the mass airflow sensor. The car also has a milky sludge in the oil cap/stem but the dealer assures me that it should be okay and that is due to her infrequent driving (the oil itself is clean). If there is any other info I would appreciate your help. My son and I are going to work on it for her tomorrow A.M.. By the way, the car seems to run good except for its running a little rough at an idle (at times)., Thanks, Frank

12-29-07, 08:30 AM
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