: How can u save gas on a 99 deville?

12-28-07, 06:57 PM
How can u save gas on a 99 deville?

Any help? Does the tornado really work?

12-28-07, 07:01 PM
don't push the gas pedal down very far, tune engine and air tires up, and stay home.

12-28-07, 07:13 PM
LOL, Yea I'll do that but if anyone knows of any devices I can install or things I can do besides those you mentioned then please by all means let me know!!! THANKS AHEAD OF TIME!!!

12-28-07, 08:30 PM
A '99 deVille will get 14-18 mpg in the city, 19-22 combination city/highway, and 24-28 open highway. The so-called Tornado is snake oil hype, as are the rest of the aftermarket "save gas" come-ons. Read the threads about phony air cleaners, MAF's, pipes, and filters, save your $$$, and install a good cat-back exhaust system. (but you'll never recover the cost in gas savings......)

Don't sweat the plugs until 100k, run the recommended oil for your normal outdoor temperature range, look up "WOT" in the search function ^^^, and keep it clean.

12-28-07, 09:11 PM
The Tornado is extremely efficient at what it was designed for, separating a fool from his money. It's inventors just prove that P.T. Barnum was right.

As Sub said, likewise the fuel line magnet and ALL the other "miracle" devices.

12-28-07, 10:51 PM
Does K&n Make A drop-in Filter For The 99 Deville? any Filter Give Better M.p.g.?

12-28-07, 10:53 PM
The single most effective gas saving device is an educated right foot. Back in the day of the Mobil Economy Run it wasn't the same cars that won year after year; it was the same drivers.

12-28-07, 11:13 PM
Does K&n Make A drop-in Filter For The 99 Deville?
Probably. The folks to ask are K&N.

But a cost/benefit analysis comparing K&N to OEM paper filters will indicate you will be throwing money in the wind.

any Filter Give Better M.p.g.? Sure. Replacing a nasty dirty stopped up air filter with an OEM paper air filter could improve your fuel economy. But even if the fuel economy did not change, you would at least be protecting your engine.

12-28-07, 11:15 PM
Will aftermarket exhaust help mpg or just make it louder?

Whats the most quiet aftermarket exhaust for the 99 deville?

12-29-07, 04:10 AM
I have had K&N filters on cars before, and I can tell you a few things from experience...

1: They get blocked quickly.
2: They are really sensitive to the amount of oil you use. Too much, it gets into everything in the intake, like the MAF, throttle body, plenum parts, sensors, and builds up all kinds of crap on them, skewing sensor readings and causing the throttle to stick slightly at the closed position. Not enough oil leads to ineffective filtration.
3: They have to be cleaned more often than a GOOD paper filter needs to be replaced. When I say GOOD, I mean ACDelco. Fram filters are crap. They have a lot less paper material if you were to stretch the filter out, and since the overall length is what matters with small particles (which will evenly coat the paper media until it is plugged), they do not last as long. Also, most cheap filters (Fram, Purolator for example) do not have the screen on them to prevent the filter from falling apart if it gets wet. I have personally seen a cheap filter collapse and get sucked apart by intake vacuum after a car was driven through a foot of water, which it is supposed to be able to handle. Cleaning that out was a huge mess, TB off, mainfold off, hours wasted.
4: Even if not over oiled, oil still builds up on the inside of intake components, requiring about 20000 mile MAF, IAT, and TB cleanings that should not be necessary half that often.
5: K&N filters hold a lot less debris than a decent paper filter, resulting in a very sharp performance and mileage penalty when it plugs. Think of a tank of gas at 20 MPG and the next at 15. It can be just that sharp. Your factory filter is a little more forgiving, and will plug gradually and a lot more gracefully. (Related #1)
6: MONEY! $50 for the filter, $12 for the first, then every third cleaning after that one, for the cleaning/oiling kit (which lasts about 3 uses, the soap runs out before the oil does). I change my ACDelco filters ($10) every 20000 miles, unless I am driving in dirty conditions. 200000 miles on ACDelco leads to $100 in filters, perhaps 130 with extra filter changes in the afore mentioned conditions. I always had to clean K&N filters on a Jeep Grand Cherokee (about the same size, +/- 10%) every 5-7000 miles or so, otherwise mileage and performance would drop. $50 for the filter, assuming closer to 7000 miles per cleaning, 10 kits @ $12 apiece, $120. TCO K&N is about $170, TCO with factory filter is about $130. (Related #1)
7: TIME! I hate cleaning filters. It gets seriously annoying. You can't dry them with compressed air because it puts holes in the material. You can't stick them in a dryer or use a hair dryer on them because it will cause the loose felt material to shrink. Cleaning takes 15 minutes. Drying takes about an hour to an hour and a half. Re oiling takes 15 minutes (it's best to be light with the spray and watch for where the color fades and just re oil those spots than just covering it with oil, see above for over oiling). Changing a paper filter takes two minutes, which the K&N also requires for the actual removal and installation part. (Indirectly Related #1)

I'm sure we can come up with other reasons, but this should do pretty well for now.

I've seen a test in a magazine where filters were subjected to various sizes of dust particles, where the particle levels at each size that passed through the filters as well as the airflow through the various filters were measured and graphed relative to elapsed time, as well as the weight of the filter when it was considered to be "full" to its practical capacity relative to its empty weight. The ACDelco filter came out on top by a very nice margin in some areas, and was never worse than tied with others, except for the total alrflow through the K&N for the first 5-10% of its capacity, at which point there was a noticable reversal in roles. If I find this article I will have to scan it and post. I think it was in Popular Mechanics.

Now, anyone who knows many of my posts should agree than I am not one to toe the factory line, so to speak. I don't use ACDelco spark plugs for example, from experience Denso and NGK are both better (though Bosch is not) in the Cadillac for idle and efficiency, even compared to brand new ACDelco 41-950s. I don't use the GM coolant, due to my own tests of various kinds in the final class project in an advanced chemistry class from the engineering program in my school. I don't use GM's recommended oil weight (instead 0w40 or 5w40 in winter, 15w50 in summer, Mobil 1 on both counts). I use Mobil 1 transmission oil. I do use GM oil filters (cut a few kinds open and you will see why). Conversely, GM fuel filters are junk and I will not use them.

12-29-07, 04:38 AM
Dynomax Super Turbo is a double baffled folded flow muffler. It doesn't have the resonance or pulsating pressure characteristics of the traditional turbo mufflers. The Street Sound version will be quiet enough that you will be able to practically sneak around town (minimally if at all louder than stock) at under 3500 RPM below half throttle or so, but it will be aggressive enough in a refined euro-sport kind of way above half throttle, and especially at high RPM, without the coarse 69 Chevelle style muscle car sound that I absolutely hate (sort of like the Cadillac Corsa system).

12-29-07, 04:55 AM
I love the tornado. It's entirely backward! Increasing turbulence in the cylinder is a great thing, increasing it in the intake before the valve is a horrible thing, especially with tuned or calculated length runners in the plenum (which your car has)!

It's such a perfect capitalization on people being partially informed, with them having heard of air swirl, thinking it's always therefore better everywhere.

12-29-07, 08:07 AM
all your threads are the same topic.

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12-29-07, 09:38 AM
Daimler & Chrysler also merged lol
It's the first time I have ever reading a good thing about fuel saver on this forum lol

12-29-07, 09:51 PM
:highfive: Zorb, #10 ^^ is, without question, the best rundown on various air filters I have read in a very long time.

I happen to prefer WIX products, but that's strictly subjective. I have no "scientifically proven extensive test data" as to why I prefer the products.

12-29-07, 10:44 PM
WIX is NAPA??:cloud9:

12-29-07, 11:02 PM
WIX is independent. NAPA buys from WIX. So does GM, so does Caterpillar.

12-29-07, 11:37 PM
Oh yea I think that's what I meant, if I can buy WIX at NAPA..
I have heard they are the best filters, I used WIX in all my Nissans!!!:cool2:

12-29-07, 11:42 PM
wanna save gas?
take the bus....
as for the tornado, buy 20, put all of them in your intake imagine all the gas and hp youll save!

12-30-07, 01:10 AM
How can u save gas on a 99 deville?

Any help? Does the tornado really work?

Hitch your dog team to it and run it on dried salmon.

12-30-07, 02:20 PM
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