: mass airflow P 0101

12-28-07, 05:42 PM
Hi guys, I have an additional problem. The check engine light has come on for a 2nd time now and again shows codePO101 which I was told is the mass airflow sensor. Does anyone know if there might be an alternative to replacing the unit itself (cleaning it/something else???). The car itself seems to run well.Thanks,Frank

12-28-07, 11:23 PM

I'm assuming you own a Catera, and moved your thread to the correct place. The lounge is for non-Cadillac, general discussion, and introductions only. Please stop posting technical threads in the lounge. Thanks. :wave:

12-31-07, 06:21 PM
At Pepboys I bought a Mass Air Flow Sensor spray cleaner, I think it was a CRC product.
It did not work, I ended up replacing the MAF with a new one.

I don't think folks around here have had much luck with cleaning them.


12-31-07, 08:44 PM
Catera MAF sensors are not very reliable.
You can always try cleaning it.
You can usually use some type of electrical contact cleaner.
Brake clean can work, but it depends on what is in it. Some cleaners might damage the plastic or even the sensor itself.
I know they are expensive to replace.

01-01-08, 08:00 PM
I had a 97 Catera that had a bad Mass Airflow sensor. Picked one up for cheap at a salvage yard. Even paid an extra $12 for a year warranty. It was $75 out the door. Check www.car-part.com for used parts. It's a listing of all the salvage yards that you can drill down to your area and car part. You should look under AirFlow Meter. Then you can call one of the salvage yards and ask them. Just my advice

09-02-13, 03:12 PM
I just found a new aftermaket on ebay for $55. Hope it fixes the problem

09-02-13, 08:09 PM
Check Youtube for MAF cleaning videos.