View Full Version : 2008 Cadillac Owners Calendar Now Available

Lord Cadillac
12-27-07, 01:48 PM
Okay. Here's a link to purchase calendars and some more information:

I haven't taken delivery yet, but I'm expecting them any day now. Once I receive them, I'll scan the back cover like I did last year..

There are two sizes and qualities, this year.. One is just like last years, which I don't remember anyone complaining about (in fact, I think everybody liked them) - and a new higher quality, bigger version with laminated photo pages..

The smaller version is the same as last year, $20.00 + $4.10 shipping - and the larger, higher quality version is $30.00 + $4.10 shipping.

Any questions? Just ask...

Thank you!

Sal Collaziano

12-30-07, 02:00 PM
any pics of the actual calenders?

12-30-07, 10:39 PM
:yeah: Also are both calendars going to have space under a date to write something down? I saw that you mentioned that for the high quality ones...

12-30-07, 10:54 PM
Nvm, just ordered 2 high quality calendars... one for me and one for Jason :D

01-01-08, 10:51 AM
Dang I thought this thread would be on its 5th page by now! Oh Sal, I was wondering when do you think the calendars should arrive? I'm excited hehehe

Lord Cadillac
01-01-08, 01:38 PM
I should have had them already so I'm guessing I'll have them either tomorrow or Thursday. Not sure what's taking so long. I guess deliveries are off-schedule because of the holidays..

There should be a space to write beneath the dates on both calendars. I'll get pictures up when they arrive..

01-07-08, 03:57 PM
International shipping?

01-07-08, 04:04 PM
I ordered and payed (through PayPal) 2 high quality calendars :)

01-11-08, 03:32 PM
Hey Sal! Jason and I got our calendars today! They look excellent and Jason thanks you for the one from last year. He's getting it framed :thumbsup:

01-14-08, 11:37 AM
Sal, did you get my additional order as a reply on your email?

01-20-08, 10:36 AM
Hey does anyone (Sal) know how long the calendar will be available? I'm gonna buy two, but my finances are gonna be a little tight since Christmas spending brought me down to the line. I want to buy two, but I wont be able to until mid-February or early March. Sixty-plus bucks, after all. Will they still be around then?

01-20-08, 02:53 PM
So, pictures?

I just ordered one yesterday, a little late I know. But I'd love to have a preview.. or did I miss something?

Lord Cadillac
07-22-08, 05:33 PM
We may have one or two more of the large calendars left.. We have a few regular sized calendars.. If anyone wants them, they're 50% off. Let me know...

Thank you!