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12-27-07, 11:41 AM
People tell me Iím crazy but I just love them old Cadillacís. Iím in the process of restoring a 53 Cad sedan. I have a 52 that Iím using for some parts and a 76 Deville that Iím doing a motor swap with. Itís a long story but Iíll be brief. Car belonged to dad since 53 and was an every day driver for many years. The car was given to me in 01. The car ran but was mechanically unsafe for the road. After brief repairs and minor fixes I decided to do a motor rebuild and paint job. Keep in mind Iím not a mechanic just a car enthusiast (nuts). Iím actually a software test engineer by trade. So I do like to find things that are broken. Now fixing them, well thatís another story and brings me back to the rebuild. Boy did I open up a can of worms. Needless to say I just couldnít stop with the motor and paint job. Well after giving it more thought I decided to do a frame off restoration. I figured how cool would it be to take a ride with your dad in his new 53. That was all the motivation I needed to overcome all of the common sense (I mean dollars and cents) that said donít do it man. Well here I sit with the rolling chassis complete. All of the chrome, over two hundred pieces, has been polished or re-chromed. The body is on my trailer looking for a painter. Iím just now starting on the motor and transmission swap. Thatís what led me to this website. I plan to post some before and after pictures when done.

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12-27-07, 11:58 AM
Welcome and please post pics.

12-27-07, 12:07 PM
Sweet! I like the story behind it. I really hope it turns out fantastic.

And yes, put some damned pics up!

Huh, lots of 53's turning up on here in the last couple of days. Weird.