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12-27-07, 02:05 AM
Sooooo...THIS is what IIIIIIIiiiiiiiii bought myself for Christmas. Most of the boxes and packaged stuff, along with some of the crap I unboxed. In the picture you can see the new aluminum crossflow radiator with built in tranny cooler, next to it is the starter and on the fender above it is the thermostatic controls for the electric fan. You can see the two transmissions, of which I'm still not sure which to use, you can see the electric fan and aluminum fan shroud, you can see the MSD distributor box and the white box behind it is the new full header-back 3" exhaust tubing with the headers and mufflers in the foreground. Things you can't really see in the picture or that were already installed by this time were the MSD Mopar Performance 6al box, freshly detailed Offy valvecovers and polished intake and the tranny crossmember I bought and have yet to paint to match.

With any luck the radiator, fan and shroud go in tomorrow...and with time and luck the tranny and crossmember will as well. 6AL box is already in but not wired and the exhaust I'm going to do some painting underneath before I put it in.

All that's REALLY left is the carb (Speed Demon 750, most likely), driveline, alternator, power steering pump and some minor steering and suspension stuff.

Interior needs a lot of work and years down the road its going to be painted black and have the A/C rebuilt to work properly.

Already been done is the brakes, new power disc front and totally rebuilt big drums out back, new windshield washer motor, power booster, master cylinder, tranny... Engine is a warm 440 with about ten hours on it. Right now its got a mild hydraulic cam in it but I'm eventually going to go with the mopar performance p/n P4120659. Bad ass and still runs on 92 pump gas.

Whatdya'll think of my baby, hmmmm?

In the back with the hood up is an old Triumph Spitfire SCCA car that we're freshening up the engine out of and raising the roll bar because its a little too close to the top of your helmet. In the foreground on the left is a '67 closed chamber high output 440 that we're not sure what to do with just yet. We built a boat motor and don't have any cars we want to tear apart just yet...so it'll probably sit there another year or two.


Tomorrow, luck willing and catastrophe barring, will be a good day with more pictures soon to follow.

12-27-07, 10:46 AM
is that a XKE hood in the background?

12-27-07, 11:16 AM
Read the last paragraph, yo! Triumph Spitfire! :)

12-27-07, 07:39 PM
Brings back memories of building my old Stangs/Camaros and more recently my 67 Cutlass 442 w/468 Olds. I remember ordering tons of stuff from Summit and P.A.W. and anxiously awaiting delivery (pre Ebay days). Nowadays I'm just over working on cars and wish to be the guy that ordinarily would buy one of my projects from me after I lost of a ton of cash and time building them. Make sense?.:D . Does look like fun though, cant wait to see it done!

12-28-07, 12:43 AM
Oh yea...definitely would be cheaper to buy it than to build it...but...just not the same. :)

12-28-07, 12:15 PM
LOL, you may gotta have a toy shop soon ;)