: Hid

12-26-07, 10:11 AM
I got HID's in my 2001 Catera Sport. One night, I noticed that my Driver-Side HID lamp does not light up. I obviously thought it was burnt out so I drove with my fog lights on that night (to help out a bit). Last night, as I as moving my car... I noticed that the Driver-Side HID light is working again! Is this normal?? It hasn't done this before, and I also don't get any flickering or any electrical problems. Is it possible for a dying HID bulb to die and come back to life? or is it a one way street so when they are dead, they are dead!

12-26-07, 11:25 AM
Well when a ballast tries to ignite a bulb and the bulb does not respond then the unit simply shuts down and then you will have to shut them off and try again. I know that because that happens on my Uncles Jetta which has HIDs and DRLs so when he turns the ignition on they light up and then when he goes to start it they shut off for a second and then after that sometimes they flicker or they go out completely and you need to give them a couple minutes and then they come back on just fine. When bulbs reach the end of their life cycle they start to turn purple and then eventually thy go out. I would say that its your ballast that is playing games on you and you might need a new one. Those units are around 400$ at the dealer so you better get a set from eBay and just rewire them yourself...

12-26-07, 12:31 PM
when my bulb was dying sometimes it would ignite and slowly turn very pink then go out, other times it wouldn’t ignite.

12-27-07, 12:10 AM
Mine just did that tonight, I turned the headlights and I noticed the pattern of the light was kinda messed up with the one projector being out so I am on the market for new bulbs and ballasts... I will keep ya updated on my progress....