: RTV Silicone on Transmission Side Cover?

12-24-07, 08:51 PM
I recently was planning to remove the side cover of my transmission on my 1994 Deville Concours to replace the TCC solenoid. After removing the airbox and fuse/relay cover I noticed that the side cover of the transmission had been sealed to the case with RTV silicone by the dealer that had performed a rebuild five years prior. Also, the bolts were WAY over tightened to compensate for the lack of a cut rubber gasket. I was not able to budge the easiest accessible bolt with a 12 inch long socket wrench. :bomb: I am concerned that such over tightening on aluminum parts might have damaged the case. My guess is the dealer did not have the proper gasket in stock and just wanted to finish the car.
Needless to say, I am planning to take the car to a transmission shop later this week to replace the TCC solenoid. Which I am "surprised" the dealer never offered to replace when the transmission was rebuilt considering there is a TSB on this part for 93-95 4T80E's.
Has anyone else found RTV used for a transmission side cover or other repair on a Cadillac? Is this something I should taking up with the dealer?

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12-24-07, 09:01 PM
Five years is a bit late to go back to the dealer. Unfortunately, RTV is used to cover a lot of warts. I have no idea on the possibility of a recall or replacement. You may be OBE (overtaken by events).

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12-24-07, 09:11 PM
Considering the age of the car and the amount of time past since the rebuild I'm sure the dealer will be giving me a hard time. What I'm really not happy about is a transmission issue only 50,000 miles after a rebuild. If I was towing or street racing that might be one thing but, this car sits in the garage most of the time.