: DIY NB O2 A/F Gauge

12-24-07, 11:52 AM

Good stuff guys, I have an WB O2, just no controlled (dummy me didn't know enough about it, got a $60 price on a sensor, but it was for a AEC controller, which is big $$ compared to a LC1 or LM1, same sensor, wrong connector and very short wire...)

But I hope to get this made, if not make a couple of them, one for each vehicle. And then adapt it for WB if I can.

I have been itching to tune my LT1 Fleetwood for a sweet Open Loop mode, and need the datalog input for it. As found on another forum, you can hook up the WB sensor output (via the controller) to the AC Pressure sensor input to the PCM so you can datalog to your hearts content.

Again, this is a Narrow Band O2 "reader", which works on any GM car from 1981-up, and some 1980 cars. It only gives you some mildly relative info in the 0.8 to 0.9v range (I can explain later if you need it), and can give you some gauge to see if you are running way rich or "about rich", or lean at WOT (or open loop, but chances are if you are in Open Loop the O2's are warm enough to read yet anyway).

If I can figure out if I can get this to read standalone with a WB O2 and no controller (don't hold your breathe for something quick) I will let you know....