: Moultrie GA Swap Meet Jan 31 - Feb 2, 2008

Black Sunshine
12-22-07, 08:44 AM
It'll be here before ya know it!!

South GA Motorsports Park is holding its 1st Annual Speed Fest on Feb. 7-10th. There will be two days of drag strip and roundy-round testing then two days of speedway and bracket racing. They are working on a swap meet and a car show, too. This is my home track and they have great facilities and usually put on a good show. I can't get the flyer to download but their web addy (looks like a new site with a few kinks to work out) is http://www.racesgmp.com/
The track was just bought out by a guy that's been running races for many years and most of the guys I know are confident that this guy is is gonna make Cecil, GA one of the best in the US.

If there's any interest I'll give him a call on the car show and I've got a friend that leases one of the coprorate suites we might be able to tag to stay warm.