: Age Discrimination?

05-08-04, 12:10 AM
So, The age thread/poll prompted me to post this....

(sorry if this is in the wrong place, Mods)

I went to a Caddy Dealership near me here in the Chicago burbs... TWICE now... The first time was to get some literature on the 04 CTS a few months ago... And just last week to do the GM 24hr test drive with a CTS (same dealership).

Anyway... both times I was treated like crap and not taken seriously by the sales @$$es.

I am a very young looking guy... but I am 27 (get carded all the damn time when I go out for drinks...etc).

So... the first time I went in to ask for the 04 CTS Literature... I asked one of the sales guys (an older gentleman)... and he rudely said "HOLD ON!!, I have to look and see if I have any!" As he turned around to look as his co-worker... He rolled his eyes, as if I had just asked for his first-born child. LOL

He then said in a rather rude tone " No! I donít have any!, What? Are you gonna buy an 04 right now?! Today?!!" I said no, I am looking at purchasing a pre-owned 03 but I wanna see what the 04 has.... He then interrupted me mid-sentence and said "Good luck! Your not gonna find any!" and he walked away... as did I ... right out the door.

I thought the guy was just having a bad day... so I decided to give the dealership a 2nd shot... HUGE Mistake!

Then...last week... I went in to set up a 24hr test drive with a CTS, this time with a younger sales guy than the first, but older than me.... but still rude, and he did not take me serious either! He was giving me a hard time and made some snide comments and looked at me like "Yeah right... like this kid can afford a CTS, why should I give him a 24hr test drive with one?" That was the look on his face... and his attitude with me in general! I got Pi$$ed, and said "Ya know what... just... never mind.. I will take my business, and money elsewhere!" And I walked out.

So... a day or two later... I found a nice pre-owned 03 CTS on cars.com... went and test drove it... made an offer... got a good deal... and if its still there in the next week or two... I will get it. (Silver, Bose, and sunroof, with the memory package and auto tranny, and wood accents) ( I just wanna put down a bit more cash so my payments are lower).

So.. is it just me??... just cause I have a baby face and am young means that I make no money??? and that I am just some p.unk kid ( I am not a p.unk.... but you know what I mean).

Has anyone else (younger like myself) been treated like crap when they went to go look at a CTS, or ask for a test drive?

Sorry about the rant... I just felt pretty crappy after trying to set up a 24hr test drive, and getting treated like a 3rd class citizen. *sigh* :disappoin

05-08-04, 12:29 AM
I'm not fortunate enough to own a new CTS like most of you reading this, but I experienced this type of "resentment" at our Dealership. I'm 37 but I've been told I look 10 years younger. I'll call it "resentment" because I went in for my radio last year and the head of servicing had this look on his face, and said "YOU own THAT car!?" I think they are just jealous that you are considering a luxury car and they are probably driving a Mercury or something, LOL.

I would be upset also at how they treated you and they are foolish for doing so because how do they know that YOU don't have a million dollars in the bank or ? I mean, they are stupid to treat anyone like that because they are young. Many young people have money nowadays. I'm glad you said what you did to them!

I also experienced this at our Nissan dealership in 1997. I was on an Altima test drive when the dealer asked "so, where do you work?" I replied that "I just finished Univ. and was looking for a good job." The dealer immediately said "ok, take it back to the dealership, we are done!" Can you believe that?! Like I was wasting his time or something. I can't believe that Nissan dealer is still there. I SHOULD have talked about him to the Manager!

05-08-04, 12:32 AM
I would certainly tell peopel about this..... There are quite a few chicago people around here, and if they have salesmen like that they dont deserve any money at all.....

I think thats one of the thing about big town, they are too snooty, IMO... I havent had to deal with dealers for new cars, but when I got my car I was treated very good by everyone.....

I might write a letter ot the general manager and I bet something is done about it.

05-08-04, 12:46 AM
I've only been to car dealerships with my Dad. I think that's the only way you can get respect. If either you're a middle-aged male, or you happen to be with one. One time I went with my Mom to a BMW dealership and we got treated like crap.

05-08-04, 01:00 AM
When you get your '03, pull up to the dealer with it and laugh in their face.

05-08-04, 01:41 AM
i don't know. I'm only 21 and i never had any issues with dealers not letting me test drive their cars (they don't even ask for my driver's license). I even rolled up in a rental kia one time and they still let me drive their cars without them riding with me.

05-08-04, 03:55 AM
That is unacceptable behavior, and I would never return to that dealership. Period.

05-08-04, 08:47 AM
I had a similar experience with a dealer in Buffalo, NY. I went in last Fall (drove in with my Lexus, hoping for a little credibility) to inquire about the CTS-V and a loaded CTS. I had already decided I was going to buy one of these 2 Cadillacs.

I walked into the showroom and there were 3 guys, late 40's early 50's, standing around talking. I figured one was a customer so I patiently waited. A few minutes later, they're still talking so I walk over to the CTS, start looking at the exterior - still nobody approaches me. Then I go to open the door and sit inside, all 3 guys look over and one calls out (without moving any closer), "Can I help you with something?"

Well, at least I can have a conversation with someone so I start asking questions. I had done plenty of research before stopping by so I felt that I was an educated customer. The salesperson didn't know anything about the regular CTS without looking at a brochure and knew absolutely nothing about the V. I started talking performance (looking to upgrade from the Lexus IS300) and wanted to take a drive in it. He said I could stop back and take a test drive if I want. I simply replied that actually, I'd like to go now. Evidently, this dealership is not prepared for test drives as I waited for 20 minutes before I could get into the a car. Turns out it was an '03 3.2L, not very impressed and I am now leaning heavily towards the CTS-V.

I asked him to get some more info on the V, gave him my number and waited for a call. Still waiting. He never called me back. I even called the dealership several times to talk with him and he never returned my calls. A couple months ago I tried to reopen the lines of communication with that dealership, so I stopped in and was once again ignored.

After reading about the 255hp 3.6L auto (and $10K cheaper) 2004 CTS, I've made my final decision. So I want online, found a dealer that was pretty close (about 30 minutes away) that had exactly the CTS I wanted (silver smoke, luxury/sport pkg, everything except nav), walked in and bought it on the spot. The salesperson at this dealership didn't know anything about the car either but he treated me with respect from the moment I walked in.

I have considered stopping into the original dealership and talking with the sales manager, just to let him know how his employees are ruining his business, but I have not yet. For one, I'm not a very confrontational type of person, and two, what will it get me? It's not like I'm looking for a better deal on the car, I already bought it.

Wow. This is a much longer post than I intended. Sorry, I just got on a roll.

05-08-04, 09:18 AM
This is just a suggestion, but take a digital photo of you and your car, include it in an e-mail to the sales manager. In that e-mail, tell him that this is the sale he lost due to the issues you described. Include a link to this forum. Then, see what happens. It may draw some attention, since a customer who returns to give a dealer a second chance(after the rude behavior you describe) is one they should take seriously. If nothing else, they need a mirror held up, IMO.

05-08-04, 09:20 AM
Wow, that behavior is unacceptable. This is another thing that is definately not helping Cadillace sales. No matter how good the car is, if the sales person isn't respectful, people are not going to buy the car. I would call Cadillac and report the multiple episodes of disrespect that are hurting Cadillac's sales. There must be something Cadillac can do to "persuade" the dealership to treat every person that walks in the door like he/she is going to buy a brand new XLR.

Btw, I'm 21 and the dealership I go to (Don Massey Cadillac) has never treated me as you have described. Age discrimination is not an across-the-board occurence and it is unacceptable.

05-08-04, 12:52 PM
What dealership is this? I'd like to write a letter to Cadillac about what happened... Send me a PM...

I'm looking to get dealerships signed-up to advertise their cars/trucks in our classified section for, if anything at all, a tiny fee to cover their hard drive space and bandwidth.. I wont allow dealerships that treat customers badly to be part of the program.

05-08-04, 01:37 PM
Way back in 1993, my wife and I were looking to buy a mini-van. I went into the local Ford dealer and was treated like I was taking up their valuable time. I spoke to a salesman and after 5 minutes he wanted earnest money before he would talk price. He said it was to show my sincerity to purchase a vehicle. I told him that was unacceptable and I'd look elswhere. I went down the road to the Chrysler dealer and bought a loaded out Plymouth Grand Voyager. I left the Chrysler dealer and drove back down to the Ford dealer and found the salesman I was dealing with. He asked me if I had changed my mind. I told him no, I just wanted to show him the new Plymouth mini-van I bought down the street and they never asked for a "sincerity deposit". Well, as it turned out, the owner was standing in the showroom and he quickly came over to me and asked to elaborate on the situation. I told him the whole story and he apologized profusely. Now, whether the salesman got his rear reamed or not, it was still satisfying for me. Oh yeah, I am now 51 so you can do the match on my age at the time. Now, I can pull into a dealer with my Caddy and they almost trip on each other getting out to greet me. :)

El Dobro
05-08-04, 02:23 PM
So far, I haven't had problems with sales. It's the service departments that I always have issues with. I'm 50 and get treated like a 10 year old by the writers and the managers. I had to have a meeting in the general manager's office with the service manager at one Caddy dealer. He pissed me off so much that I ripped him a new one then and there. There must have been other complaints about him because he and the writer I delt with were gone three weeks later.

05-08-04, 10:05 PM
Ive had similar experiences. I am 18 and have been taking my Cadillacs to Capitol Cadillac here in Lansing, MI since i aquired my first when i was 17. The first few times i was treated courteously and promptly (I take it in for oil changes). I always went to the same service guy(Dan.. i think), but one time he wasnt there so another service guy walked up, i could tell he was a douche bag... anyway, i asked for an oil change and trani flush, only after waiting for him to finish a convorsation and interupt our business to order lunch! It then took over 2 hours for him to get my car back to me, for only an oil change and trani flush that would take maybe an hour at a valvoline station, this was the middle of the week so there was very little business that day anyhow.
So when i got home i took the 'business reply mail' card that they leave in your car for you to praise them or complain, i of course complained and mailed it, saying i was very dissapointed and if i wasnt pleased next time i wouldnt return, i got a call a week later from customer services to take a short survey. The next time i went in i dealt with an older gentleman who was very nice, complimented me on my car and got my oil change done in half an hour-45 min. and its been that way ever since. So it pays to complain i think, and i am a very reserved quiet peaceful guy who doesnt like to make a fuss, but in this case it worked out.

Moral of the story: complain about it, or come here to Lansing!
BTW i only go to the dealership to get my oil changed because i get treated with respect, they clean my car up when theyre done, and i get to look at Caddys for 45 minutes! I could do it myself, but why pass up an opportunity like this?

05-08-04, 10:54 PM
I get treated like a kid at auto parts stores, they try giving me the wrong part, untill i show them that i really know what im talking about. THen they get mad. Same way with dealerships. I guess i look too young for my age.

05-08-04, 11:43 PM
yeah, i had one of those problems here in my town, but with a 96' eldo. they wanted 12,000 for it at the time. they looked at me like i was on cocaine, then ignored me. i then went to the local used-benz dealer a couple weeks later, picked up a 96' e-320, and showed it off to the dealership that snubbed me (illegaly took the dealer tags off and put another set on for the sole purpose of screwing with them):devil: . i frankly told them that the car i was driving was THEIR commision. after that, i dropped the benz off at the dealer and continued looking for another car.:tease: .

05-09-04, 12:15 AM
yeah, i had one of those problems here in my town, but with a 96' eldo. they wanted 12,000 for it at the time. they looked at me like i was on cocaine, then ignored me. i then went to the local used-benz dealer a couple weeks later, picked up a 96' e-320, and showed it off to the dealership that snubbed me (illegaly took the dealer tags off and put another set on for the sole purpose of screwing with them):devil: . i frankly told them that the car i was driving was THEIR commision. after that, i dropped the benz off at the dealer and continued looking for another car.:tease: .

I would have loved to see the looks on their faces! :devil:

I wonder who has the nicest dealership salesmen? And please don't say Mercedes! (Caddy competition)

05-09-04, 01:02 AM
I would have loved to see the looks on their faces! :devil:

I wonder who has the nicest dealership salesmen? And please don't say Mercedes! (Caddy competition)
sorry:drinker...you could say they were like this...:shocked2:, put probably wanted to do this...:gun:..hehehe

05-09-04, 09:01 AM
I was only treated like DMC-12 describes once in my life...at an Oldsmobile dealership in 1987. I was 21 years old, and had gone there to look at the then-all-new Toronado FE3, which at the time I thought was "the bomb". As I am looking over the car, this salesman comes up to me with his index finger extended (imagine Donald Sutherland at the end of the 1978 version of "Invasions of the body Snatchers"). Only instead of screetching, he says not a word, and slowy but surely his finger meets the $24,0000 (and change) bottom line on the window sticker (at least that is the pirce I recollect). Guess he figured I didn't have it. He figured right. But the dealership did change hands a few years thereafter. And every time I see a 1986-1989 Toronado or Trofeo, the finest existing example of which is probably worth all of $3500 now, I think of that experience and chuckle.

05-10-04, 01:12 AM
age discrimination? HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!! heres the deal, im 23 now and on my 2nd caddy, soon a probable 3rd. my little bro is on his second and hes 21. my two best friends have had 4 between them; we just like caddies i guess (for obvious reasons we all know). but, everytime i go to look at some dealership or something, regardless of if im in the market for one or not, i pretty much get treated like shit. maybe its cuz im young and they dont like the fact that a kid in a black hooded sweatshirt with cuttoff shorts and flip-flops who delivers pizzas is considering a car they cant afford. well, i get a handshake, a card, and a very GENUINE (whink) goodbye. i think they only thing that makes them come out in the first place is that i pull up in a caddy. it also makes me smile when i start spittin out caddy info that they didnt even know (like the code thing in particular). this has been happening for years now, and yes, has happened at various chitown locations.

the incident that really takes the cake is when i drove to canada about 3/4 years ago in my 91 deville. well, we crossed at detroit/winsdor and the cops or mounties or whatever told me to pull over and inspected my car from top to bottom. they then had the balls to practically interrogate me about my car and how i got it. they refused to believe that it was payed for, was mine, and that it was payed for by delivering pizzas! they even asked how much my payments were and the like :banghead:

to this day i get stared at like crazy; its rediculous. i also think its a race thing too. no offense to anybody at all, but i get dirty looks from black guys all the time :confused: im either not old enough for not ghetto enough.

although, recently i have been getting treated slightly better at dealerships.

05-10-04, 01:05 PM
I used ot get the problem at coastal cadillac here. Few weeks ago i stopped in to look at a Catera on the lot . sales dude was standign there looking at me . I walked up and said i noticed the 98 catera you have thats marked up 4k from exclent reatil on NADA. Im intertested in the car but not your price . He laughed and said "youve done your homework ". I said no , im just not the typical customer and im well connected (pointing at my phone) . He realized i knew what i was doing and took me very serously after that . He did ask what i do , i said i work for the VA go to college and im ex Airforce . After the drive i told him i was no longer interested in the car is it had a issue witht he rear end . He asked if i had figured that out after just 4 miles . I said yes , the pinion depth is wrong, very plain go drive it yourself . He still calls to check up on me , i told him he is the only guy there allwoed to deal with me and informed him to tell his mamager my story of mistreatemnt on my other vists .

Toyota on the other hand is very scared of me . Last weekend the grandparents wanted a new car . They found a little focus wagon they liked and began to talk over a deal. They then told the manager i would be doing all the wheeling and dealing. The sales manager had a fit and told them i didnt have the checkbook . I then got into him asking if the paper wanted to know his dealer ripped off a couple of seinor citizens to the tune of 6k on a 1 year old focus . He then told me he was selling it at cost at this red tag sale . I then informed him that the red tag is still 4k over NADA and he was crazy . He relpys with"we not makeing any money at that price" i said yes you are according to Nada you gave 6700 for it on trade , Nada allows the price to 9k one your lot which is what im willing to pay . To say he was shoked was a understatment . 4 hours later after makeing him and 3 other managers and salesman talk to me in the sun no where near shade or anything under 92 degrees they gave in , got the car for 9k. My grandparents couldnt be any happier

05-10-04, 07:26 PM
Today I stopped by the chrysler dealership to look at a crossfire and 300, and I was treated like anyone else...

05-10-04, 10:54 PM
Today I stopped by the chrysler dealership to look at a crossfire and 300, and I was treated like anyone else...LOL, Cool! Yeah... I went to go look at the crossfire a few months ago to! No Chip on any of the Chrysler sales persons shoulders there... no egos in a suit either.... they were all very nice to me. And there current lease deal they got running now looks pretty attractive to! *drool*

But, I've wanted the CTS for 2 years now... I'll get it!

Thanks for your imput so far everyone. Sheesh... These guys act like jerks... Is it worth it for them to do that? I mean, they (the evil dealership) just lost a 30k sale from me. Anyway... I know its just a very small minority of sales people that act like this... and not the majority... but it takes one bad apple (or two in this case LOL) to ruin it for them.

05-11-04, 06:20 PM
Unfortunately it was against my initial thinking... I figured the more you moved up the scale (from chrylser to cadillac) you would be treated better at the latter..... I guess thats not the case!!!

The chrysler dealership I went to has been very notorious for good service. Tehy are hodgepodge dealership (for nissan as well) and I used them to get some stuff done on the Q..

05-11-04, 08:58 PM
Ya know, I don't think I've ever had one negative experience at a Chrysler dealership! They are very courteous. Someone should start a new thread with a poll for "which dealerships are the most courteous, and why?" Since the poll is limited, Ford, GM, or Chrysler?

05-12-04, 11:03 PM
The Nissan and Infiniti dealerships I've dealt with have been pretty good. Chrysler as well. But I recall Sutherland Motors (exclusively a Mercedes-Benz dealer) laughing at my parents.

A few years ago, they wanted to buy a luxury car, and pretty much decided on a Mercedes-Benz E-class. They made a low-ball offer to the dealer, and instead of getting a counter-offer (this is how negotiations work, unless youre dealing with arrogant snobs) they got laughed at.

My mom said "We're leaving" and we went home. They then pondered a Lexus LS.

The next morning a large gift basket with an apology was left on our doorstep. They also left apologies on the answering machine. We came back, got a new sales person to work with, and the manager came out and hugged my parents and apologized profusely.

The sweet part? They got rather close to their original offer.

Happy ending to an interesting story, but it was disappointing to discover Bill Sutherland (the owner) was a racist piece of crap who should eat his own feces.