: HELP- Dropped a bolt in the intake valley

12-21-07, 07:35 PM
I have a 99 Eldorado and while putting the water pump pulley cover back on after replacing a bad water pump I dropped the bolt to the cover and it appears to have made it's way down into the intake valley. I have tried to retrieve it from the neverworld but can not find it. My question is am I safe with the bolt now spending it's last days there or do I have a problem that I wished never happened?

12-21-07, 07:52 PM
id say a problem
if its indeed in the intake looks like you should start pulling it...

12-21-07, 08:25 PM
Maybe you could put a magnet tool in the intake & move it around - hopefully it will attract the bolt. I have one with an 18" flexible handle that I have used to retrieve things from blind & tight spaces.

12-21-07, 09:10 PM
I thought he said in the valley. That would mean to me, it is under the manifold, though I can't recall an opening there, but that does not mean much. The only thing in the valley is the starter. You might try sticking a long flexible magnetic retriever under the intake from the other end (front of engine) and see if you can fish it out. Disconnect the battery first though as the + cable runs in there. Worst case scenario is that it stays there. I don't think it would do any harm.

12-21-07, 10:49 PM
The bolt did not fall internally to the intake manifold. It is down in the valley area that is exposed, I have tried multiple magnets and my biggest concern is that there is a way for the bolt to get into the starter gear or starter. Does any body know if there is an opening to the bell housing /transmission from the valley area. I was hoping that 'EWILL3RD' could shine some light on this.

Thanks for all the input so far.

12-21-07, 10:58 PM
Maybe these pics will help.

12-22-07, 12:32 AM
How would it get there if you are working on the water pump? It's more likely it's under the crossover somewhere on the side of the engine, perhaps on top of the transmission?

If it were in the valley, I would say the worst case would be shorting on the starter terminal, but that's a pretty long shot.

EDIT: None of those bolts are long enough to hurt anything under there, or to short on anything.

12-22-07, 08:15 AM
Thanks Ranger! The pictures showing the intake manifold removed answered my question. It apperars that the bolt can stay where ever it is. Thanks to everyone for responding.

12-22-07, 02:11 PM
Thanks Ranger those picks will help if I ever need to change the starter.:D:thumbsup: