: 1st time motor pull for HG on 99 N*, some questions

12-19-07, 11:07 AM
New to the whole cadillac scene but i told my buddy i would do him a favor by changing out his head gaskets and timesert his block on a 99 seville sts.

i've tend to work on Audis and acura NSXs so the familiarity on the northstar is somewhat new to me.

I'm in the middle of the engine pull and have some question to all of you that are familiar with this procedure.

1. Remove the brake pressure switch and bracket.
.... What is the brake pressure switch???

2. Disconnect the electrical (http://www.******************/m_9528/tm.htm#) harness from the underhood relay center.
.... is this the 3 main harness plugs under the relay box held in by a 7mm bolt? If so i undid the 7mm bolts and cannot seem to pull them out. I looked for some sort of release tabs and even pulled the relays in case they were holding them in with no luck, any suggestions?

3. Remove the right and left road sensing suspension wheel speed harness brackets.
.... what are these? are they the servo looking boxes on either side with arms connected to the lower control arms?

4 Finally do i need to do anything with the ABS unit? I disconnected the lines at the proportioning valves but it can tell that front brake lines are still bolted to the frame, do i just undo the lines on the frame or do i need to unbolt the ABS unit from the frame?

thanks very much,