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12-18-07, 03:13 PM

well I tried to do a search on this cause I'm sure that it's been talked about before, but the search function here is not that good, and what I could find confused me a little more, so I thought I'd ask you guys directly..

well I was thinking of looking for a dvd/cd with 6.5" or so lcd screen that come with a Navigational system *(for the girlfriend of course, cause I don't need any directions.. hhehe)

well first of all I plan on doing this myself since I've done it on half a dozen different cars. but living up to the cats name, it sounds like it might be a bit more complicated than others.

is there a harness that goes into aftermarket decks that will make my bose system operate as normal? (doing the search I got mixed answers) I want the bose amp to work also

and will a 2- din deck fit in our slot? or only a 1 din will work with a bracket

and what size subs do we have? ( i assume we have subs)

thanks for any advice.

12-18-07, 05:46 PM
kit from ebay , subs are 6.5"