: loosing coolant

12-18-07, 08:31 AM
bought the car 2 years ago, since then replaced CPS,radiator,multifunction relay,front rotors, and normal stuff like brake pads,headlight bulbs etc,
so far i can tell you the car is the nicest one i ever drive, i just don't like it in the snow (very scary). Okay this is my problem, last week the car was smoking from the back engine like between the engine,firewall and exhaust i couldn't locate the leaking part, everybody here says it could be a HCV but i checked it and it's fine, i am assuming it's fine because i touched it with my hand and i could't feel any wetness. the smoke it's only intermitent and am loosing maybe a quart every week, at this point i don't know what to do next, maybe the oil cooler plate? or the crossover valve? or what?
this is for all of you that were in the same situation, what did you do next? and how did you do it to fix it?:banghead:

Po Pimp
12-18-07, 08:18 PM
My suggestion would be to take off the plastic where the windshield wipers rest, both sides. There are some bolts that are not visible. They are under the rubber seal the runs along the bottom of the windshield.

With this gone you can try and determine where it is coming from. If you find that coolant is every where clean it up as best you can and run it for awhile, not moving. Hopefully you will be able to tell where it is coming from.

Mine was leaking from the Heater Control Valve. I saw coolant on the ground slightly to the passanger side of the car. It was also causing some smoke as it was getting on the exhaust.

12-19-07, 10:40 AM
thanks for your advice!!!
hopefully if weather is nice here in central pennsylvania this weekend, i will go ahead and remove the intake manifold and maybe the oil cooler to see if i can see where this leak is coming from, i hope it's only the HVC otherwise with the price for parts, especially the oil cooler i don't know if it's worth fixing it or just selling it. looking at some posts i don't think i have a oil cooler problem because there's no oil in the antifreeze reservoir or the oil dipstick, also i don't have the bubles everybody said i should have if i have a head gasket problem. the car runs strong and smooth with only 120,000 miles.
i can only hope it's only a cooler sealing problem because i cannot afford an oil cooler (too expensive) at this point it's either fix the oil cooler or feed my wife and three little kids.
please give me some advice in what to see once i have everything apart, i know there's a post of how to do the oil cooler, but anything else i should know to have this done more easily?
Thank you guys!!! this forum is great.