: Considering a 00-01 Deville or 96-97 Mercedes E320

12-16-07, 11:06 PM
I have decided that I'm tired of driving "old" cars. I've heard enough veiled insults, and "smart aleck" remarks about my "clunkers". So, I'm selling them all. The 94 Concours, the 81 Seville, the 94 Lincoln Town Car, and the 86 Mercedes 560SEL. I just haven't decided what to buy with the money yet. I am figuring I'll have around 7000-8000 dollars, so, if I want to save a little of the money, I think that I can afford either a 2000-2001 Cadillac Deville, or a 1996-1997 Mercedes E320.

Opinions on which would be the better value greatly appreciated,


12-16-07, 11:12 PM
1 vote here for the E320. I have owned several Mercedes including a 300E and an S320 and I've owned a Northstar '98 Deville. You own a 560 SEL so you know the sturdy feel that goes with a Benz and is completely absent in a Deville. The Benz will probably cheaper to own/maintain in the long run. :cool2:

12-16-07, 11:25 PM
Heh, 96+ is W210. Say hell no to that Mercedes.

The W140 was fantastic.

12-17-07, 08:47 AM
I heard and read some rust problems for W210 E Class . Well, I would go for the W140 it's more direct comparison imo .
Der Benz eist meiner ! ;)

12-17-07, 10:44 AM
I heard that generation (W210) E Class was the beginning of the end for the old school Mercedes school of thought (sturdy, simple designs), so I'd go for the W140 also, but I'm a tad bit biased. No, it's not cheap to own, but it's so worth it. I'm just not a big fan of the 00+ deVilles at all.

12-17-07, 10:57 AM
why not a 98+ Seville?!?!?
if your looking for the Caddy features with the Benz performance thats the balance youll get with an STS

12-17-07, 11:02 AM
Go with the Mercedes E300. The turbo diesel engine is vastly superior to the 3.2L V6. Ignore the '00-'01 Devilles. I had a '00 and they're nothing to write home about unless you like to complain.

12-17-07, 12:23 PM
Shit, get a late model ETC!

12-17-07, 12:38 PM
Shit, get a late model ETC!

No, get a late model Allente :alchi:

12-18-07, 12:44 PM
I drove a 97 E320 yesterday, and was disappointed. I am now thinking about a W140 (92-99 S-Class Mercedes) or the Deville.


12-18-07, 01:04 PM
It's gonna be very, very tough to find a decent W140 for $8,000.

12-18-07, 01:25 PM
I would strongly consider a 95-96 E-class if you want the MB feel. BMW 7-series is another possibility if you're into that.

12-18-07, 01:27 PM
It's gonna be very, very tough to find a decent W140 for $8,000.

Theyre out there, but youre talking 92-95 rather than "GenII" 96-99 models. And if you want good condition probably 92-94. Unfortunately, those were the worst years for the 140.

My suggestion? Bar none for that kind of money, since you like Mercedes, a 1995 Final Edition W124 E320 or as the other guy pointed out, an E300 Diesel. Diesels though are TOUGH to find and they command a heavy price premium, even up into the 150-200k mile range because people know they run forever.

Stay away from pre-2000 Northstars if you dont have a budget for serious repairs, same goes for W210's. On the Mercedes, be aware that the 3.2L ALSO develops cylinder head gasket leaks, though as in Chad's case, it only dribbles a small bit of oil, not gushing coolant into the cylinders like the Northie does.

Also be sure the A/C is working properly, the biggest expense on a 90s Merc is the A/C evaporator replacement.

12-18-07, 01:36 PM
Trying not to get ahead of myself amidst all the excitement, but if you buy a W140, the best investment you can possibly have would be the extended warranty. I bought it, paid about $2500 for it, and that headgasket was $2386 at the dealer. So between that and some other claims, it's paid for it's self, and I'm yet to have the A/C Evaporator go...that's between $3500 and $5000...that's covered too under my warranty.

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