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Sinister Angel
12-16-07, 07:53 PM
I know there are quite a few people who are pilots, mechanics, engineers, or are in some other way related to aviation. I just figured I see how many people on the forum deal with helos.

12-16-07, 07:58 PM
Only dealings I had with them was numerous air assaults........................... and one dust off.

Sinister Angel
12-16-07, 08:02 PM
Who were you with? Bunch of guys I was in OSUT with that were active went 3rd ACR

12-16-07, 08:20 PM
16th Inf. Reg. (Rangers), 1st Inf. Div. (Big Red One).

12-16-07, 10:46 PM
Strickly the model type for me.

.35 cu in.

Talk about something you can scare the crap out of yourself with!!!

12-17-07, 06:38 AM
Got a few hours flying UH-1, OH-58 and HH-60s just for fun. Even had to design a "Whirly Raven Weasel" for Air Force rescue once.
whirley - helicopter
raven - broadband jammers
weasel - air to ground armored attack

Took the Pentagon about 2 minutes to kill a project that took me 10 second to know it wouldn't work, 2 weeks to try to convince my general it was worthless, and three years to convince Congress their idea was STUPID.

My desk became known a the Electric Whirly Weasel Program office for three years. My peers had a great time building mock-ups, models, and sterility statistics for my office area. All because I was next in line for congressional briefing assignment when the congressional inserts came down one year. I'm a stick and rudder guy; Eletronic warfare and stealth were my expertise; how the hell did I get that mess. Makes me laugh jut remembering