View Full Version : catera leaks COLD coolant from top rear of engine

12-15-07, 10:55 PM
Cadillac dealership told me I have a blown head gasket but saab mechanic said no. In reading these forums I think it might be heater control valve, Thermostate or engine oil cooler all 3 of which have already been replaced once. Is the fact that the leaking coolant at rear of engine, up high, dripping to floor slightly to the drivers side is cold to the touch even after engine is hot prove anything about where the leak is?? Thanks for any help.

12-18-07, 12:45 AM
Well, If you replaced all of the above and the car seems to run fine. More than likely it could be comming from the oil cooler cover. If the shop didn't seal it with with a HI temp RTV sealer it will leak!

12-18-07, 01:09 AM
the work was done by cadillac dealership, but I dont have much confidence in them. assuming it is the seal on oil cooler,does it sound right that the leaking coolant is cold even after engine is hot, Seems to me that all the coolanr would be hot after engine is hot. Do you think a cheap easy fix of k&W block sealer would seal this leak or do I need to have engine broke down and a new seal put on oi; cooler?

If K&W block sealer will work I need to flush out cooling system of all antifreeze, does this car have 2 radiators with 2 drain plugs or is there only 1 drain plug at boyttom of the inside radiator? Thanks, Steve

12-18-07, 10:29 AM
you wouldn't have to replace the oil cooler. you would just have to have the lid resealed! I wouldn't use the block sealer! There is only one radiator, with one drain plug on the bottom left side.

12-18-07, 11:00 AM
Is the one in front TRnsmission cooler, there are 2 in front of engine that look very similar in size and shape parallel to each other with 1-2 inch space between them.
By bottom left side are you referring to drivers side?
To reseal whould you lift out oil cooler and reset it or would you just put stuff around it? Thanks

12-18-07, 03:39 PM
Driver's side, what you see in the front is the A/C condensor!